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Whirlpool WFW9200S front load washer

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Product Overview

Here we have a Whirlpool Deut twenty-eight inch top-loading washer with a huge 4.6 cubic foot load capacity.

It also has four complete temperatures options, thirteen wash cycles, a spin out speed of 950 revolutions per minute and a Tier one CEE Energy Star Rating. The unit utilizes the Cabrio Wash plate.

Specs at a glance

• Height: 38 Inches
• Width: 27 Inches
• Depth: 31 1/2 Inches
• Colors: White-on-White
• 1,000 RPM Maximum
• 4 temperatures
• Energy Star: Yes
• 3 tray dispensers
• 10 cycles
Cycles: Factory Pre-Set Cycles and Options/ Auto Soak Cycle/ Clean Washer Cycle with Affresh/ Delicate Cycle/ Hand Washables Cycle/ Heavy Duty Cycle/ Normal/Casual Cycle/ Sanitary Cycle/ Whitest Whites Cycle/ Adjustable End-of-Cycle Signal
Other features: Ultra Capacity Plus/ 6th Sense™ Technology/ Direct Inject Wash System/ Care Control Temperature Management/ Quiet Wash Plus Noise Reduction/ Stainless Steel Wash Basket/ Built-In Water Heater / Add-A-Garment Feature/ Delay Wash/ Drain/Spin Option/ On/Off Extra Rinse Option/ Rinse and Spin Option/ Automatic Water Level Control/ 6-Point Suspension System/ Variable-Speed Motor/ Easy View Door Window/ Child Lockout/ Door Lock/ Audio Feedback/ Instructional Controls/ Optional Storage Pedestals/ Optional Laundry Tower/ Optional Laundry Worksurface/ Flexible Installation with Matching Dryer

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• A big plus is the stainless steel tub which resists scratching as you wash the normal every day things with large metal pieces and things like the loose change that will fall out of the pockets so it will remain looking new for years to come.

• An added plus on this model is the Direct Inject Wash System where spots and stains are treated professionally with a concentrated injection of highly concentrated detergent shot directly into the fabric to help combat the tougher stains. Once the entire load has been injected, the normal cycle begins. It is very effective at combating tough stains.

• Customer’s report that the unit takes care of any stain or spot you put in it and does so without fail and does it very well and due to the pre-treating option, it even seems to save money in the overall cost of detergent.

• It should be noted that when it is starting the unit makes several noises, which are perfectly normal and reportedly sound like “a flying saucer taking off” but these are just normal operating noises as the unit does it’s job.

• Folks also have reported that the spin cycle is so complete and intense that when the unit stops spinning, the clothes are damp and not wet. This will tend to make the effective dry time shorter and may help cut down on shrinking.

• Another plus seems to be, even though there is a LOT of things that the washer will do, it is fairly easy to use and should not require a lot of reading to get busy doing the laundry and utilizing the advanced features.

• On the down side, it appears that all of the advances in the electronics for this model have cause an advance on the number of issues requiring repair calls and leaving a majority of customers unsatisfied both with the unit and the service fro the company who seem unable to cope with some of the problems that are indicated by the LED error codes that are generated.

• The biggest bone of contention with this unit seems to be the customer service, or lack of customer service when there is an issue. The unit appears to either work very well from the day of purchase or very poorly and there seems to be little in the middle.
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Final Thought

So based on customer experience, you either get a good unit or a bad one. If you happen to latch onto a poor machine, you will be cycling through repair call after repair call and may have a tough time actually getting someone there that can do an effective repair.

So with this model it seems that if you are lucky enough to get a good unit at inception, you will have a great machine that you will love, if you don’t well, you’ll get to know the Whirlpool people really well.

Comments for Whirlpool WFW9200S front load washer

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Apr 09, 2010
Peace of junk
by: Anonymous

I would rather wash my clothse by hand then buy another whirlpool because i have had nothing but problems with this product. To all consumers, the best deel is not always the best one. Take your time in sellecting the right product and always look at pros and cons.

Oct 22, 2009
Lasted two years
by: Frustrated Owner

I thought we were getting a top rated machine. But after less than two years it stopped working. It is going to be just under $400 to get it fixed. If what they do doesn't fix it problem, we still have to pay for it and any further repairs. My last washer was from Wards and lasted 16 that I know of. It went with my house when we moved.

Now we find out that the machine with the fancy computer timer needs an extended warranty because that is cheaper than fixing it every couple years. Based on this information, why buy a "good" machine when the cheapest piece of junk will last just as long and end up costing you less?

We do not do that much laundry. $650 for the machine less than two years ago and now $400 more to get it working again, that would have paid for the trips into town to the laundry mat!

So, Whirlpool; make your products so they will last 10 years. If the electronics are so unstable, replace them with a mechanical timer that is.

Mar 03, 2009
Worth the Price
by: Adam

I recently had to purchase a new washing machine because the old one (which was used in the first place) decided to stop working. I ended up buying a Whirlpool WFW9200S front load washer.

I had initially wanted to get a top-load washer since I do not have a whole lot of space, but after reading some reviews online I decided to go for a front loader. I’m glad that I chose this Whirlpool.

The first good thing I noticed about this washer is that it holds an exorbitant amount of laundry. Which, when you live in a household that washes as much clothing as I do, is a very good thing. The second thing I liked about this Whirlpool washer right off the bad is that it is extremely quiet. My old used washer often got to sounding like an oncoming train. The last thing I noticed, though it was the first thing that was advertised to me, is that it is a very energy efficient machine. It uses less water than my old top loading machine and a good deal less electricity.

Finally, and perhaps the most important thing about this Whirlpool washer is that it will clean EVERYTHING you throw at it. It has washed absolutely filthy clothes, bedding, sleeping bags, shoes, and the rug that the cat peed on as well as it has cleaned my normal laundry.

The one downside to this washer is that it was very expensive. However, I am a firm believer (at least when it comes to appliances) that you get what you pay for, and that if you do not pay for it now, you will pay for it later.

So the bottom line is that this washer is definitely worth the price tag. It is quiet, energy efficient, and most importantly good at getting your clothes bright and clean and ready for wearing.

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