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Whirlpool Ultimate Care II

by Drew

My Whirlpool Ultimate Care unit came with my house when I bought it a few years ago. Since then, I've used this dryer a couple of times per week without having any issues with the way it dries my clothing. This tastefully designed unit isn't new, but doesn't look outdated or ugly.

The controls might seem sparse compared to some newer high-end appliances, but it does have all the amenities that I could need for adequately drying my clothes while maintaining their integrity. For example, I mostly use the "accudry" moisture sensor setting with a medium heat. When I check my load at the buzzer, my clothes are always perfectly dry and effectively cooled. Both the pre-cooling and buzzer are configurable controls on the interface. This unit also has timed drying and a handy "wrinkle shield" option which periodically fluffs a completed load until you can attend to it.

I do, of course, have some problems. One issue that I'm starting to have is a faint, perpetual squeaking when the tumbler is rolling. In my experience with dryers, this sound only gets worse but is fixable by an average handyman. The other problem, for me anyway, is the position of the lint filter.

The lint filter is on the top of the unit and lint dust inevitably covers the top where I instinctively place fresh clothes as I take them out of the dryer.

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May 29, 2013
good set, but someday will come
by: grimmster

We have this washer and matching dryer (older styling) and it has lasted us about 16 years now. We are just now replacing the washer as the parts that broke this time, just are not worth the cost, but the dryer continues on and in the 16 years we have only put in about $50 worth of repairable parts (get the drum roller kit if yours is sqeeking) and even though we are getting a new fancy washer, we are keeping this work horse of a dryer.

Mar 04, 2012
Best set of appliances I have ever owned
by: Anonymous

I have had this set for over five years and it has been working perfectly and if they do go out I would want to replace them with the same make and model. Has been a very good product for sure.

Oct 09, 2011
Dryer stops in the middle of cycle.
by: Anonymous

My Whirlpool Ultimate Care II with Accudry was stopping in the middle of a cycle as if the clothes were already done and dry but they were not. Even the cycle buzzer would come off in the middle of a cycle and stopped.

I fixed.

So if you have same problem it seems to be the sensors inside the dryer drum. They "think" the clothing is dry when it is still "moistured".

To fix it just clean those two metal sensors with a soft abrasive. I used a very fine sand paper and cleaned not only the exposed metal conductors. the ones that touch the cothing, but also in between the two conductors that black plastic base where the two metal contacs sit on, clean it. brused, sand it, in between so nothing will create a short between them.

Now it works fine again. I was ready to call my extended warranty.

I hope this help some one.

Dec 28, 2010
Performance Check
by: Anonymous

Have your unit checked by a specialist for performance problems. I've had 0 problems with my older version of the ultimate care II products. Both washer and dryer have been fantastic for my needs (rental property with lots of use)

Dec 11, 2010
Lame dryer
by: Anonymous

Have never thought the Whirlpool dried clothes like it should. Sold my old dryer for $20. dollars when I bought this unit. Regretted it from day 1. The old dryer worked much better than this one ever has. Now it won't heat at all.

Jul 30, 2010
junk dryer
by: Jeff roberts

Junk I bought the dryer 4 years ago and have had repair people out here 6 times the timer went, the belts broke, the heating element went twice, the door on the front had to be repaired. and so on do not by this modle in fact I will never buy whoolpool again

Jan 09, 2010
It Had its Day
by: R.K.

Well we had the set for going on 5 or 6 years now, and well I guess they don't last as long as the Ol'Maytag did...(wish I still had that set!) But we thought after 20 yrs it was time to get something new!! So we got a new Ultimate Care II series washer and dryer, and the dryer takes over 4 hrs to dry a load of clothes now and it will cost more to fix than to buy a new one! Also the washer went to heck too!! Don't know what to do now that Whirlpool has bought up Maytag and all these Foregin ones are coming in and taking over and I guess are pretty good some say , But if you have problems you will wait a long time for parts!! So I hope for warm days to hang out the clothes and let Mother nature do my work for me!(LOL) So I am undecided as to what to get next!

Apr 07, 2009
Love the multiple settings for time and temperature
by: Candace Adams

I have a Whirlpool Gold Ultimate Care II clothes dryer that I received as a promotional gift when I was working in sales about nine years ago. I know a clothes dryer isn’t supposed to last that long, but it’s still going strong. It has experienced a couple of setbacks over the years:

I replaced the motor once and a door clip once, but the door clip wasn’t a fault – my kids thought you could sit on it when it was open. But you can’t; well, you can, but not without bending the clip and preventing the door from closing completely. Anyway, it hasn’t really given me too much trouble.

When the motor went out after about five years, I looked it up on www.repairclinic.com and was able to pull the schematics and order the part to replace it myself. My husband sure was impressed! Once I took it apart, I learned that there are a lot more places for lint to collect than just on that little screen – so I guess the overheated motor was really my fault for not cleaning out the lint, and not really a problem with the design or manufacturing.

Whirlpool really does make a good product. I love that there are multiple settings for time and temperature. I can adjust the sound of the buzzer that tells me when it’s done, or I can turn it off completely. The dryer has a sensor that measures the humidity, so I don’t have to worry about burning my clothes because I can set it for “very dry” instead of choosing a length of time and it will shut off automatically when the clothes are dry. Also, it has a wrinkle guard setting so if I can’t fold the clothes immediately, it will continue to tumble every few minutes long after the cycle is complete.

About a year ago, I sold the matching washing machine and bought a front loader, but I can’t seem to get my dryer to quit so I can buy the matching front loader. When it does finally give up, I’m definitely buying another Whirlpool!

Feb 02, 2009
I spend my life doing laundry - this dryer's great
by: Heather

Living in a household with two bed-wetters, a toddler in cloth diapers, and a husband who spills soup down himself regularly causes a lot of laundry. And I don’t mean “Oh, I have to do laundry every other day.” No, I mean at least three loads of laundry every day and sometimes five or six. I spend my life doing laundry.

And since I knew I was going to spend a lot of time using my washer and dryer, I wanted to make sure they were appliances that worked for me. And they had to work hard, really hard, be durable, and have the features I wanted.

Now, as far as dryers go, what I really wanted was a hot tumble setting, a cool tumble setting, an automatic dampness sensor, and a wrinkle-guard setting. The hot tumble takes care of things like my towels and the cloth diapers, because they really hold a lot of water. It’s also good for sheets and mattress pads because all those items benefit from the dry heat – it helps prevent mold growth, bacterial growth, and keeps down dust mites.

The cool setting is good for a lot of my clothing as I don’t like to find that my t-shirts have shrunk. It seems the husband also prefers that his underwear is unshrunk, so we use it for him too. The automatic dampness sensor works well with smaller loads of things where the air can pass through them freely, like napkins and childrens’ clothing, allowing them to dry properly without wasting a lot of electricity. And the wrinkle-guard setting is great for things like my husband’s work shirts and tablecloths, where I’d prefer to not have to stand directly next to the dryer to snatch them out the second they’re done.

Other things that recommend this dryer include the very sturdy drop down door (it holds a toddler who is drawing on the inside with a crayon easily), and it wipes clean easily. At least when it’s crayons. Oh, and the lint filter is easy to keep clean of both lint and small Polly Pocket dolls.

So all in all, the Whirlpool Ultimate Care II is a pretty reasonable dryer. It may not be the most feature loaded, but it’s not a stripped down model either. The only thing that would improve it for me is if I could teach it how to fold the clothing itself.

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