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Whirlpool Super Capacity Model: WTW5320SQ

by John Parker

About two years ago, our family had to look for a new washer. Having 8 people in the house we had to find one that was going to last for a long time and be able to do laundry several times a week. We found a Whirlpool 3.2 cubic foot Super Capacity washer, relatively cheap at Sears (bought it for around $400.00 brand new).

We did also buy the matching dryer that went with the washer unit, so for the set we paid less than $800.00 (which we thought was an excellent for two units brand new.) It was bought in Indiana at a local mall. After using it for about a month, we absolutely fell in love with the washer.
This washer has held up to mountains of laundry that we do on a weekly basis.

The super capacity takes what used to be three loads, each time we would do laundry, down to two loads. It is one of the best load capacities that we have ever owned. This washer’s capacity is almost good enough to rival those great washers at the laundry mat.

One of the reasons we went with this washer, instead of a cheaper one, is that it is an Energy Star product. The washer features 7 different automatic cycles, so that you are able to wash many different types of fabric all in one washer. This is nice because you are able to wash your more delicate items without worrying about them being destroyed in the wash.

This was very important to us because with kids in the house, and especially girls, they tend to have lacy things that need to be washed in a delicate cycle. We have washed many items of that nature and have never had a mishap.

This washer has been a very good washer for the two years that we have owned it. I will proudly continue to use this washer until it just totally gives up on us. Anytime anyone asks what kind of washer they should buy or if anyone says they are looking to get a new one, I always recommend our washer.

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