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Whirlpool Silver Cabrio WED6600WL 29" Electric Dryer 7.0 cu. ft. Capacity

This electric dryer with an impressive 7.0 cubic feet capacity has multiple options to give you clean, fresh-smelling, wrinkle-free laundry in the shortest amount of time. The large capacity of the Whirlpool Cabrio WED6600WL 29" Electric Dryer lets you dry more clothes with just one load. Other cycle options get your clothes ready in 15 minutes. Get more in-depth details about the convenient, time-saving features this dryer has to offer.

Interior Features
  • Seven automatic cycles are available to meet a wide variety of drying needs. Heavy Duty, Normal, Casual, and Delicate cycles are there for different types of laundry.
  • The Quick Refresh steam cycle and Enhanced Touch-Up steam cycle make clothes wrinkle-free and presentable within 15 minutes.
  • The Direct Water Installation Method eliminates the need for filling any pumps or reservoirs. Feed water in directly without manually adding water. You can quickly and easily use any of the steam cycles.
  • Rest assured that your clothes will be saved from unnecessary shrinkage and wear and tear with the AccelerCare Drying system. This feature senses the proper temperature and time needed to get your clothes dry without overdrying. Cycles are instantly stopped once your dryer senses the load is done drying.
  • The Wrinkle Shield Plus option lets you leave your laundry in the dryer for up to 90 minutes after the cycle is finished. Intermittent tumbling prevents wrinkles and odors from setting in. You can unload your laundry at your earliest convenience.
  • An interior drum light keeps the inside of your dryer visible during loading and unloading, making it safe and easy
    for you.
  • An extra large front-mounted lint screen is there to keep lint away from your clothes and from building up in the dryer drum.

    Exterior Features

  • A wide opening side swing door makes loading and unloading easy.
  • An easy to use control panel with digital and knob controls and a highly visible LED display make operation simple.
  • The adjustable end of cycle signal and Estimated Time Remaining display let you know when your laundry's done without the need for constant supervision.

    Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 29 1/4"
    Height: 42"
    Width: 29"
    Total volume: 7 cubic feet


    This dryer has enough options to cover the drying needs of an average household. The steam cycle options ensure clean, presentable clothing in a snap. The controls make this dryer easy to use. The lint screen prevents lint buildup. It has sensors for an efficient drying system. The dryer has a large capacity to accommodate more clothes in just one go.


    This dryer has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Although some retailers still offer this appliance, you may find difficulty in terms of service and support. Unlike other Whirlpool dryers, this appliance does not have a cycle that reduces energy consumption. This dryer is not Energy Star rated, so there is no guarantee on its energy efficiency. This dryer is not ADA-compliant.

    Consumer Opinions


  • versatile options
  • quick steam cycle options
  • easy to use
  • prevents lint buildup
  • has sensors to prevent overdrying
  • large capacity


  • discontinued
  • no energy saving options
  • not Energy Star-rated
  • not ADA-compliant

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