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Whirlpool LXR7144EQ1

by lakshmi
(atlanta, ga, u.s)

Hi, I have been using this machine from the past 3 years. I bought it from the near by store. I am really very happy with my washer.

It has a variety of washing options. Depending up on the load and type of the cloth we can select the perfect washing option.

Using this machine is as simple as counting 1..2...3.

1) Load the machine with clothes and detergent
2) select water type like hot,warm,or cold.
3) select washing option.

The machine will do the rest.

I am also using the dryer from the same company. I never get any problem with these. So I recommend my friend to have 'WHIRL POOL" washer or dryer if they ask my openion before ordering for washer or dryer.

But I heard from one of friends that the paint will go off and rust will form at the corners of the washer. Of course she is also using the same machine.

But till today I never had a problem. I suggest people who are using washing machines from any company use the detergent as prescribed in the manual. Before using your machine reading the manual helps a lot. That really extends the life of your machine.

Before this I used BPL machine. Of course the capacity of BPL I used was low. But when compared I am more happy with this.

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