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Whirlpool LTG5243DQ combination washer / dryer 24 inch

The LTG5243DQ is a high performance washer released by Whirlpool with a 1.5 cu. ft. capacity. The model is a combo unit which answers both washing and drying needs of the consumer.

With dimensions of 71 ¾ inches by 223 7/8 inches by 27 ¼ inches, this model also comes with various features that makes it an excellent partner when it comes to laundry. For a more comprehensive overview of the product, read below for features and consumer reviews.

Key features

- It has a capacity of 1.5 cu. ft for the washer.
- It comes with a Speckle Porcelain Basket that guarantees durability.
- It allows for five automatic cycles.
- It has four wash and rinse temperature combinations.
- Model features Stepped Down Agitation and Surgilator Agitator for a more thorough cleaning.
- It comes with five wash/spin speed combinations.
- It has three water level specifications.
- It comes with an easy to clean lint filter
- It has a Tough Top lid.
- Dryer features an Automatic Dry-Miser Control to monitor moisture.
- The dryer also comes with five different cycles.
- It features an end of cycle signal.
- It allows for four temperature selections for the dryer.
- It comes with a side swing door.
- It has Dura White Interior.


This Whirlpool model comes with both a washer and dryer in a compact design to fit small spaces. Various features include five automatic cycles for the washer and four temperature selections for the dryer. Washer comes with the Surgilator
Agitator for a more thorough cleaning per load.

An easy to clean lint filter is also made available as well as a Tough Top lid for durability. The washer in itself is high quality with an Automatic Dry Miser control to monitor moisture of each load. An easy to clean lint filter further ensures the quality of each load as well as various wash options to suit each fabric type. Even with its various features, this Whirlpool model is remarkably easy to use.


More expensive than most models, this combo unit released by Whirlpool also lacks a few items prominent in some other units. Some of the features absent from the unit are drying racks, interior light, reversible door and fabric softener dispenser.

Also, there are no child lock, delicate cycle, quick rinse, soak, timed dry, and wrinkle guard features. Since it does not have any noise reduction features, the model produces more sound when in use. As a result, the LTG5243DQ is also not Energy Star Efficient.

Consumer thoughts


- Combo unit
- Very easy to use
- Capacity of 1.5 cu. ft.
- Five automatic wash cycles
- Three water level selections
- Compact Thin Twin dryer
- End of cycle signal
- Four temperature selections
- Dura White Interior
- Durable
- High quality wash
- Easy to clean lint filter


- Expensive
- No drying rack
- No interior light
- No reversible door
- No fabric softener dispenser
- No child lock
- Noisy
- No wrinkle guard
- Not Energy Star Efficient

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Feb 16, 2015
by: Anonymous

My daughter and myself both have the 24 inch whirpool piggyback wash and dryer combo. It is perfect for small spaces, and has worked like a trooper for 8 years with 1 or two minor repairs.
My daughter bought a used one, and except for the patience she needed when her dryer wouldnt work properly, once it got fixed it too, has served her well. There is definitely a market for these space saving appliances!

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