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Whirlpool LSQ9010PW2

by Micah

I purchased the this whirlpool washer about 3 years ago and it has been doing a pretty good job. I would say roughly about a year ago I had to replace a piece that returned the water out of the back of the machine. I found the piece on ebay and replaced it myself so it wasn't too expensive.

Also sometime the machines will get out of balance and start shaking. However I have found that this is usually because I have put to many clothes in one side and they are not correctly distributed. So after fixing this problem everything is usually good. The unit can hold a really good amount of clothes without any problem.

I also wash comforters in it also and it does this with no problem what so ever. My parents have always owned whirlpool washing machines and they have had great success with them also. The last one they had lasted almost 15 years which is pretty good.

That is the reason I purchased mine. I purchased it from lowes for a great price and also got a rebate for buying the matching dryer at the same time so over all I would say it was a pretty good deal. The unit also have many different features such as the quiet II which helps it perform without a lot of noise.

Now comparing this unit to some of the new units on the market it will probably use more water than the front loading units but they are also much more expensive. So comparing the cost it would probably pay off in the long run if you purchased the front loading washer.

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May 05, 2012
LSQ9010PW2 Whirlpool washer capacity
by: Anonymous

Model Number: LSQ9010PW2
Brand: Whirlpool
Age: 6-10 years

LSQ9010PW2 Whirlpool washer capacity

Am desperate to know the stated or accurate capacity of this top loader model washer. We have one that was lightning damaged, and can replace it totally via our insurance. But we NEED to know the tub capacity -- 3.x cu ft, 4.x, etc. -- so we can select an equal size washer. Not just the "words" "Extra" or "Super" but the stated cu ft measurement.

Whirlpool Corporate refuses to let anyone speak to anyone at corporate in Benton Harbor, and same goes for the Kentucky manufacturing plant.

Sincerely appreciate a reply copy to my Email too
Email: info(at)windowgroup(dot)com

Thank you!

Knoxville, TN

Email: info(at)windowgroup(dot)com

Aug 22, 2009
My experience with this washer
by: Anonymous

I too have problems with the agitator and unbalanced loads. But it was due to the clothes getting stuck under the agitator most of the time.

Now, suddenly, I have a leak at the bottom of the washer at the front. None of the hoses are leaking. It's only 4.5 years old, and I am very disappoined with this washer now, and the service at LEONS and their Extended warranty which I also purchased for over $200.

Why try to repair a washer when you can go out and buy a new one?

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