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Whirlpool LG578K

by Joe
(Saint Clair Shores, MI, USA)

This dryer has lasted through two owners at least 10 years, but has shown considerable problems throughout the last three. Firstly, the control programming is shot and so the dryer only dries at one temperature: high. In addition, the timer cycle only works with one dryer setting, not for permanent press or automatic drying. So, forget being able to dry clothes and leave the house as you need to stick around and pull the clothes out before they burn.

The filter is cheaply made and in time has required replacement of the screen, as it will crack at the seams. If you don't do this, normal buildup on the screen will prevent the clothes from drying on the first cycle. This will increase you energy dollars.

Now, with the negatives out of the way, this dryer has held up mechanically quite well. The dryer belts, drum and other mechanical parts have never broken down.

Though this is an older model dryer, chances are if you are in the market for a used dryer because you can't afford $1000 on a new one, it will work for you with some sacrifice. As stated, you will need to pay attention to the temperature as well as the timing unless you want to replace your clothes after every two or three dryings.

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