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Whirlpool LER4634JQ1

by Kristina Brown
(Peoria AZ 85382)

Whirlpool Dryer:

I have owned the whirlpool dryer for about a year now and I have done hundreds upon hundreds of cycles in the dryer. It is a side view dryer so you put the clothes in the side of the dryer.

The size of the dryer is surprisingly large. The size of the dryer will allow me to dry a very large load of laundry. I have put 2 loads of laundry in at once and set it for 60 minutes and had them ALL come out completely dry.

The dryer has your standard drying options. It has the timed dry, low heat, medium heat, and tumble dry. I have never needed anymore features on the dryer in the time that I have had it.

The drying ablities on this whirlpool are amazing. Sometimes I need my clothes dried very quickly and I can stick the whole load in the dryer and it will have it ready when the timer goes off. I have never had a slightly damp or wet clothing item come out of the dryer. Every time I pull the clothes out they are warm and dry.

The inside of the dryer has no parts that your clothes can get stuck on. You won't have to worry about your clothes tearing as you are pulling them out of the dryer.

If you are going to dry your delicates use the tumble dry or low heat option and don't overstuff your dryer.

Business shirts and pants:
My husband constantly needs his business clothes washed and dried. I just place the clothes into the dryer on low heat. When the clothes come out they are dry and not wrinkled beyond repair. You would never know that you didn't have it dry-cleaned.

Regular clothes:
If you are going to dry normal day to day jeans and t-shirts for yourself or your children. Do it on the 60 minute timer. You will get the pile of clothes in and out of that dryer with no funny business. It will complete the cycle and have them ready to go in the time you selected.

I would recommend you drying your clothes on the High heat setting. This will allow your towels to dry quickly to avoid that awful mildew smell and keep the freshness going for days!

The lint collector on the dryer is very easy to clean. It is located at the top of the dryer. Just simply pull the filter out and remove the lint by hand. Depending on what you dry. You will need to clean this every 2 times you dry your clothes at the LEAST. Do not wait to do it after 2 cycles. I recommend doing it after each load.

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Apr 13, 2010
Maybe it's age but VERY noisy
by: Anonymous

This particular Whirlpool in my apartment complex is relatively decent. The fact that it must be at least seven years old does not seem to hinder the performance of the fine machine. When clothes pile up on the bedroom floor, I’m not worried about the vast amount because when the dryer says Extra Large Capacity, it means it. Two regular loads from the washing machine fit in the dryer cutting down on the electric bill as well as time spent doing laundry. There are four different cycles at three different temperatures so if the majority of the load is delicates, you can easily change the setting so shrinkage of clothing items does not occur.

One outstanding flaw, which probably came about with age, is the noise it makes. It’s relatively loud for the simple act of drying clothes and occasionally it makes a grinding noise that makes be doubt the effectiveness of said machine, but the Whirlpool endures and continues drying.

Another flaw that has just occurred recently is the swiftness of the door. Sometimes it gets temperamental and refuses to open with ease. In such cases as this, a larger individual must stop what they are doing and assist me in the opening of my dryer. Aside from the senior citizen flaws of the dryer, it is very reliable when seeking to rid your clothing of the wetness of a washing machine or even to warm up a blanket before bedtime.

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