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Whirlpool LER4634DQ1 Dryer

by Bill

I purchased our clothes dryer just over ten years ago. The one we had at the time wasn't getting hot any more and had been repaired often. The model I bought was a Whirlpool LER4634DQ1. The reason I chose this model was price, plain and simple. It was the cheapest one in the store.

I got it at a big box store and had them deliver and install the new dryer. It is a very simple unit with just one dial and a start button. Quick, easy and hopefully low maintenance.

For the first couple of years, this was the case. It worked as advertised and dried our clothes. Its capacity is average, not particularly small but not impressively large either. It was fine for our family of four.

The problems began a couple of years after I purchased the appliance. I have had repairmen over to fix this unit time after time. Heating units, motor and drum belts have all needed to be replaced. Always the cost has been just low enough to keep repairing it. But its time is done and the next time it acts up, its gone.

There are lots of good deals out there but this machine isn't one of them. Next time I'll do my research on consumer reports.

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