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Whirlpool LER3624EQO dryer 3 temp 3 cycle front load

by Viva

The Whirlpool LER3624EQO clothes dryer has three temperature settings, three cycles, is front loading, is white, just a few cubic feet, and is highly recommended.

It is a bit noisy, especially if buttons or snaps are banging around inside it, but this is unavoidable. Otherwise, it is great for drying even thick blankets, towels, bath mats, and the like. Of course, it is also good for drying all of your regular clothing items. I usually set it on the little asterisk, meaning very dry, and then it slowly cools down until the drying cycle is done.

If you are drying heavy items, they might need to go through one more cycle or maybe just part of one in order to get totally dry. I do recommend cleaning out the lint trap after every use, because it does get very full very fast.

I have never had a problem of any kind with this dryer. Whirlpool is known to many customers as a great brand name and one that you can trust. I have never had to call a repairman for this model. You can also move it around easily, as I discovered recently when we were getting our floors done and it had to be moved.

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