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Whirlpool LCE4332P Top Load Washer

with 4 Automatic Cycles and 3 Temperature Settings, 2.1 cu.ft Top Load Washer with a 3 Speed Motor has Detergent, Fabric Softener and Bleach Dispensers

You will find you have greater control and more space with this 2.1 cu. ft top loading, compact washer. This stackable item is designed to be compatible with an equivalent compact dryer, increasing the efficiency of your washing experience. There is a choice of four washing cycles with the three-speed motor, and the smoothly finished stainless steel washing basket eliminates snagging , fights odors and it resists against chipping. Detergent is released into the wash at the appropriate time in the wash cycle from the integral detergent drawer.

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  Quick Specs  
Cleaning: 2.1 cu ft, 750 rpm, gentle wash system
Controls: Knobs
Cycles: 4
  • Premium Features: 0 our of 8

  •  LCE4332PQ washing machine

    Washer Highlights

    Premium Features: zero

  • Dial controls The rear positioned control are simple to use and easy to operate.

  • 2.1 cu. ft. capacity Although a compact washer, at 2.1 cu. ft. capacity, you can wash up to 14 lbs. of garments, ensuring space for bulky items.

  • 4 cycles A good selection of wash cycles Include normal, delicate, heavy-duty and quick-wash options, which ensure proper care for a variety of fabrics and clothing.

  • 3 temperature settings and 2 water level selections You can customise all your washing loads with three temperature options and a choice of two water level combinations.
    Let you customize each load to fit your laundering needs.

  • Lint filter Your cloths will look newer for longer with the link trap and filter that removes fluff and lint from the wash..

  • Detergent dispenser drawer and bleach and fabric softener dispensers
    Your detergents, bleach and fabric softeners give you the best results every time, gradually releasing its content into the wash at into a load at the optimal times.

  • Stainless-steel wash basket The durable stainless steel drum is smooth to prevent the snagging of clothes and is also chip resistant while fighting unpleasant odors.

    Additional Features
  • Gentle Wash System
  • Straight Vane Agitator

  • Comparisons within the Whirlpool Series »

    This is a light weight compact washer has a small 2.1 cu ft drum, so stands alone in the whirlpool series. Other traditional top loaders from whirlpool come with a 60 percent bigger drum, and are twice the weight. The width of this washer is significantly smaller (5 and half inches smaller than it’s more buff big brother). This washer doesn’t really have any bells and whistles, just four cycles, no energy star and no premium features. It really is only targeted at someone in need of conserving space, big time.

    Consumer Opinions »

  • “love the way it looks”
  • “good for the price”

  • “Draining pump is acting up, seems to be common problem”
  • “Uses Buttons and not dials and so isn’t that sturdy”
  • “have to set buttons every time – this is annoying”

    Available Colors »

    Only available in White

    Full Specifications »



    Load top
    Capacity 2.1 cu. Ft.
    Wash System gentle wash system
    Spin Speed 750 rpm
    Temperature Settings 1
    Water Levels Selector 2


    straight vane agitator
    Color white
    Displays none
    Controls buttons
    Wash Basket Stainless Steel
    Height 38 1/4 inches
    Width 22 5/16 inches
    Depth 24 5/8 inches
    Weight 85 pounds
    No. of Cycles 4
    Steam No
    Allergen No
    Quick Wash Yes
    Heavy Duty Yes
    Casual No
    Normal Yes
    Delicate Yes
    Frabric Softner on/ off No
    Noise Reduction No
    Control Lockout n/a
    End of Cycle Signal  No
    Energy Star Qualified No
    CEE Tier III No
    PREMIUM FEATURES 0 out of 6
    Care Control Management No
    Xtra Roll Action Plus No
    Impeller No
    Cycle Status Bar No
    EcoBoost Option No
    Load Auto Sensing No
    Clean Washer cycle  No
    H2 Low Wash System No

    WFW9351YW Manuals »

  • Dimension Guide
  • Use and Care
  • Warranty Information

  • Comments for Whirlpool LCE4332P Top Load Washer

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    Feb 10, 2011
    (Continuation of previous post)
    by: Mrs. W.

    We've only had our new machine for a few weeks, but here are things you might want to know before making a decision (to buy this model or not):

    - There are 3 temperature levels: cold, cold + warm and warm.

    - There are only 2 water levels: medium and high. Our previous washer had 4, so this is a bit limited. I personally always use medium and try not to wash too many clothes in one batch.

    - There are 4 cycles: Heavy duty, Normal, Quick wash and Delicate. They're all fine except Delicate (which is a shame because I LOVED this cycle on our old machine >.>). This cycle doesn't drain water properly and when it's over, the clothes are still completely soaked. This is ridiculous. In fact, this is so ridiculous that I'm almost convinced there's a problem with this cycle (programming issue, perhaps?). Considering what we went through with our first Whirlpool washer, though, I don't feel like contacting technical support AGAIN.

    - This machine is perfect for 2 people, but I'm sure it would be too small for a larger family, unless you wash clothes everyday.

    - It's not possible to select individual parts of the cycles. For example, you can't choose "Spinning", "Draining", "Rinsing", etc. If you want to do that, you have to go through a whole Normal (or whatever you want) cycle.

    - This machine is on wheels and it's very easy to move. It's so easy to move, that it likes to do so by itself during spinning, especially during the final spinning segment. Our machine is located into a closet in our small washroom and when it spins, it usually bangs on the door and pretty much everywhere else. It would be great if there were a way to block the wheels... It's also quite scary when it stops spinning (right before the rinsing step) because it always makes a huge noise as if the motor belt just broke/exploded.

    - If you're planning to use it connected to typical water valves in your washroom or laundry room, make sure you have the appropriate inlet hoses and drain pipe because they are not provided with this machine (I think you can order them from Whirlpool, though). Only a kit to connect it to the tap/sink is provided.

    Overall, as the previous reviewer stated, it's a pretty flimsy machine. The touchpad is not the most responsive piece of technology I've ever seen either. The whole thing actually makes me a little nervous every time I use it, haha. I was expecting better quality, but for now, this will have to do.

    Feb 10, 2011
    Decent if you lack space, but nothing more.
    by: Mrs. W.

    I would've actually given this machine 2.5 stars/5, but had to settle for 3... Despite my rating, it is not a horrible washer. It does what it's supposed to do and if you truly need something that is portable to use with your tap/sink, this one will be a good choice (very light and easy to move).

    BUT (it's not perfect).

    My boyfriend and I live in a condo that has very limited space for all appliances. Everything is smaller than average, which considerably reduces our options when it comes to buying new appliances. We used to have a compact/portable Kenmore washer (with the corresponding dryer), but after 10-15 years, it started leaking from everywhere and we had to replace it. The Whirlpool LCE4332P compact washer ended up being the only one that fit (that we could find in stores around here and have delivered in a reasonable amount of time). It cost around 800$, including our wonderful taxes here in Quebec AND a small discount the store was offering at that time. Totally overpriced, but such is the life of Quebecers.

    I tried it on the day it was delivered with a few towels. It stopped after the first part of the cycle (the part where it's supposed to drain the water from the tub). I tried again with different cycles, still no draining. We called the store and explained the situation, but they told us we'd need to have it checked by a technician from Whirlpool and obtain their permission before replacing it with a new one. Three days later, a technician came home to look at the machine and it turned out that it had several issues: the transmission had to be replaced, the inverter was broken (basically, it means that during washing, the tub was always turning in the same direction, which made a mess out of the towels that were in there), the timer was broken and the touchpad also had to be replaced. Whose fault was this? I don't know, but my guess is that someone, somewhere, was asleep during quality control. After much "fighting" with Whirlpool's customer service, they finally agreed to contact the store and tell them to send us a new machine, which we received 4 days later.

    (to be continued in my next post, if possible...)

    Mar 09, 2009
    Flimsy but gets the job done
    by: Natlalie

    I bought this washer out of economic review. It was the right price for my budget, and in actuality… I was just looking for a washer to get the job done. Just wash my clothes, and give them back. Compared to other washers I have had, this one is extremely small. But then again, I bought this out of need, and it was more of a “gotta have a washer now” kind of thing, and I didn’t want to spend big bucks.

    I have been through other machines that do a terrible job, but was pretty confident in the Whirlpool brand and got it on sale as well. Good deal for me : ) This washer gives me everything I need. It is not too big and bulky, so it doesn’t take up much space. But looks puny when it comes to size. It also has different wash cycles, so I can specify how I would like my laundry washed for different types of clothing, and also has different temperature settings, just as you would expect. Just so I can make sure that my clothes aren’t shrunk when they get out of the wash.

    A little flimsy, as I am used to big, sturdy washers, but still gets the job done. If I was looking to buy something that I would keep for many, many years to come, I would probably go with a bigger and better model. But this will do for now.

    Something that I would change on this washer is that I would prefer it if it had different water settings, because I am becoming more conscious of the environment. I would like it if I didn’t waste that much water. This washer only allows for two different water settings, unlike my last which had three or four.

    Cant do too much laundry at the same time because the washer is so small, but it is good if you are just doing laundry for one person. It can easily be moved around, and is great if you live in an apartment or dorm without a washer. I use this and just air dry. Yeah, I know I’m cheap.

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