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Whirlpool Heavy Duty thin Twin

by Kira Trever

Well, clothes get dry fairly fast. There are all the right settings. But I have one major complaint: The lint basket does not catch all the lint. Seriously, this is a fire hazard. I have had to get my shop vac, with it's insane sucking power, and vacuum the lint out of the vent. Is a dryer supposed to do that?

Yep, I'm sorry to say that quite a bit of lint gets trapped in the vent due to the lint screen being loose. Sometimes when I pull the lint screen out to clean it, I find that here is a virtual "sweater" jammed in there and I say "great, it's doing it's job". Then, when I look closer and see that there is a ton of oh-so-flammable lint in the vent itself. Not good.

In this day and age, where we have sent men to the moon and cloned sheep, I expect to have a clothes dryer that does not require me to drag out the shop vac in order for things to be safe. I like the vertical arrangement, as I live in a condominium and space is limited, but I would seriously doubt that I will buy this model again due to it's poor performance.

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