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Whirlpool Extra Large Capacity 6-Cycle $ Temperature Electric Dryer

I own a Whirlpool Extra Large Capacity, six cycle, four temperature electric dryer. I have had this dryer for approximately 15 years. I love this brand of dryer, because it was affordable and very easy to use.

It has an extra large drum that does not slow down while drying an extra large load of laundry. It has a very simple cycle and temperature setting control. It is quiet during the operation of the dryer, but it has a loud audible buzzer that sounds when the cycle is complete.

It has a fluff and damp dry cycle that I like for just freshening up laundry. My Whirlpool dryer is still mechanically sound. We have not had to do any repairs, other than cleaning, in the 15 years that I have used this dryer.

I suggested that my daughter and her husband buy a Whirlpool washer and dryer when they got married. They have been married eight years and love Whirlpool brand appliances as much as I do. I also have a Whirlpool Heavy Duty Super Capacity washer that matches my dryer.

It has been just as dependable as my Whirlpool dryer has been. I would definately buy another Whirlpool washer and dryer in the future, if this one ever wears out. Thank you Whirlpool.

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