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Whirlpool Duet Dryer GEW9200LW0

by Zeke
(North Carolina)

I have owned a Whirlpool Duet Dryer (GEW9200LW0) for almost four years and love it. We purchased it at the time with the matching Whirlpool Duet Washer. The dry time on this thing is FAST! We have 4 children which means we have a TON of clothes to wash and dry and very little time to be sitting around waiting for the time to dry. We can literally wash a load and dry a load in just about the same amount of time (30-45 minutes or less) which translates into little to no time before the next load can go in.

The dryer is a front load so it was a change from the more traditional top load that we were so used to in the past. With that being said it was a bit difficult to have to bend over to unload the dryer when we first got it (I'm 6 foot tall). We ended up purchasing the pedestal bases that come with a pull out slide drawer and they are great. No longer do I have to bend over considerably and we also picked up some storage space for misc laundry supplies.

The dryer has many different cycles including a delicates cycle that works with the removable drying rack. Great for wife's knit sweaters and shoes. Also the dryer is extremely quiet to what we were using before. If we were watching TV or had company over we had to either jack up the volume or go to another room. Nowadays we barely notice the unit running.

Speaking of running, in almost 4 years of use and nearly daily use we haven't run into a single problem. Maybe it is a fluke? I sure hope not because this thing is great! If you were looking to buy a new dryer and your budget could accommodate the duet, I wouldn't hesitate to buy it.

Great dryer especially when working in tandem with the washer!

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Oct 13, 2011
Takes 2 full 40 min cycles to dry ANYTHING
by: Unhappy in KY

I have had this dryer for a few years now and it takes 2 full 40 min cycles to dry ANYTHING. No, I am not talking about a full load of jeans or towels. I am talking about a set of Queen size sheets or a small white load. and you can't leave the cloths in the dryer after the cycle is done because they will start to smell bad. I have even come home from vaction to find water in the dryer. There has to be something wrong with the way the mosture is removed from the dryer because everything always smells musty. We have had the dryer vent checked and there is nothing wrong there, and the heating element is fine, everything is getting hot, but not drying. This dryer just STINKS. Looks like I am going to bite the bullet and buy a new dryer cuz I can't take it anymore!

Feb 27, 2011
Add me to the list
by: Anonymous

Second control board to fail in under 5 years. I think this one lasted 18 months.

Dec 11, 2010
Kenmore Whirlpool Elite/Duet Washer/Dryer
by: Anonymous

I will NEVER own another Kenmore/Whirlpool product! This thing had a heater thing go out on the dryer and the handle broke off after 2 months. Then the washer latch wouldn't open so we had to have someone come out and reset everything to get the clothes out. NOW the control board, electronic assembly went on the dryer and the door latch assemby mechanism (AGAIN) is done for. No one in the local area fixes these things, have to order the parts. Bought from Lowes - NEVER do that again for anything at Lowes!! The give you a biz card and tell you to call the parts place, which don't return calls and it takes a week to get part and they over charge for it. NEVER BUY KENMORE WHIRLPOOL YOU'LL SPEND MORE TIME AT A FRIENDS DOING LAUNDRY RAHTER THAN USING THE MACHINES THAT RAN YOU ALMOST $1,000 BUCKS!!!

Sep 09, 2010
4 Control Board Failures
by: Amy Wilson

I'm with the commenters who said they'd never buy another Whirlpool washer/dryer. I've had mine 8 years. The handle broke off the washer long ago. The dryer has had the control board fail 4 times! It's $400 to repair. The first two were fixed under warranty. I fixed it the 3rd time. The fourth time I just left it that way. It would run in one setting only so for 5 years I've left it in that setting and dried everything that way. Not the way it should have been after the money I paid for these machines.

Jul 31, 2010
by: Tom

Had them for 8 years.

Washer: Starts to stink due to a drain line that collects the most awful stuff and let the smell get back into the washer. You have to pull the line off every 3 months and clean it for the smell to stay gone. TERRIBLE desgin.
Door latch plunger broke.
Needed new rubber door drum seal.
Don't buy these units.

Dryer: OK for about 3 years. You need to take it all apart every 6 months to clean out all the lint it collects. Fire Bomb!
Slowly starts to take longer to dry clothes-45 min-new, 120 minutes now. Drum seals are bad.

Plan on dumping them in the pond for the fish and going to buy another brand.

Oct 05, 2009
Whirlpool - Never Again
by: D. Perry

- none I can think of

- I have spent as much on control failures as I paid for the machine

1 out of 5

Great, except for having to replace the main console control panel twice within the 5-years I have owned it.

The part costs $240.00 if you purchase it from an Internet supplier and replace it yourself. I shudder to think what a contractor would charge for the part and labor.

I have not had any other electronic failures during the same 5-year period so power surge or sag is mostly ruled out. The machine enjoys lite duty with only two people in the home.

The trouble shooting guide advised me to purchase the wrong control board the first time the machine failed which I kept as a spare part. To date I have spent as much on control failures as I paid for the machine. I will never purchase another high dollar Whirlpool machine.

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