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whirlpool dryer

everyone needs a good clothes dryer especially when u have a family of five,,,and three children in that family,,, we have a whirlpool dryer,,,, it does the job,,, its not a fantastic dryer and doesn't have all the extras but it does what i need,,,the settings are appropriate for what i need,,,, its about 4 years old and i do think that it is starting to get its use,,,, at times i have to put the clothes back through to get completely dried,,, so this does get frustrating,,,, buying another whirlpool? yes i probably would buy another one,,,,i feel it handles a decent amount of clothes,, my clothes come out fresh and no wrinkles which i appreciate,,,, i don't feel my electric goes up any higher if i use the washer and dryer any more or less in a week, we don't have a set clothes day,,, i have teenagers so they are always throwing clothes in the wash,,,,so i think its capability is good with teenagers,, so yes i would recommend the whirlpool dryer to anyone,,,

my washer is also a whirlpool,,, i believe in having the same brand of washer and dryers....i have never had to have it repaired yet,,, so it would get a rating of 9 out of 10 for me

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