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USHA Lexus Electric Iron - Model EI2417

by Shalini Somasekaran

Product Description: This brand is excellent for ironing all types of clothes. It is very light and easy to handle. There are various temperature adjustments to suit all variety of materials. The regulator also indicates the temperature to be used for different kinds of materials like wool, linen, cotton etc...

There is also a facility of variable steam powerful spray in this model. The steam ironing doesn’t require much pressure on your clothes, so it is easy to iron heavy and starched clothes. You can also spray the water using a switch in the iron box for heavily ruffled clothes. But frequent steam ironing deteriorates the quality of the clothes.

This should be taken into consideration while ironing your clothes. So place a cloth over the material to be ironed or iron the backside of the cloth if it is a silk sari or heavily designed materials. This will keep up the quality of the clothes. This model has a unique feature of Vertical Steam facility which can be used when required.

One another problem is the salt in the water gets stuck in the holes which make it messy while using the iron box next time. There is a facility to forcefully release the steam. Hence this button can be used to release any salt trapped in the holes of the non-stick sole plate.

The swivel cord makes it easy to iron in any preferred direction. One another feature is Overheat shut-OFF protection which controls the amount of electricity used. This product is CE and GS approved.

El 2417 Features

Voltage: 230 volts, ac 50 Hz
Wattage: 700w to 1100w
Water tank capacity: 250ml
No. Of stem holes: 17
Area of sole plate: 204 cm sq

This has made my life easier as ironing clothes is no more a tough job for me.

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Apr 06, 2014

Usha lexus electic Iron not working since one week. local electricians are helplsess. I purchase it in Secunderabad. I am residing in Sedam , Its take time to replace. Hence I want to know the nearest customer service Sedam,Gulbarga Karnatak

Mar 06, 2013
Its fabulous
by: Vishwa

The model is exquisite and quite amusing…
It is no way less any foreign strem iron...

May 02, 2011
Thank you
by: sr_cbe

Thank you for your valued opinion/ review.
I will search for this model in the market.
Regards, Sincerely,

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