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Use natural things - such as vinegar for fabric softener

by Patti

Even if you don't have a lot of time, you can make quick, eco friendly changes. Many washing detergents can be watered down without impacting their cleaning powers. Also, fabric softener is unnecessary if you use vinegar in the rinse water. And obviously, use a clothes line instead of a dryer.

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by: maddy

I agree vinegar is a life saver. I use vinegar not only as a wwater softner and fabric softner, but as a window cleaner as well. You shoul see the results I get with my clothing. Of course you have to avoid the dryer, that's the whole purpose of it too, the environment.

Vinegar can do anything
by: LC

You know vinegar does just about everything! It can soothe sunburn, stop hiccoughs and it's great for all purpose--floors, windows, screens, counters and just about everything else.

dont use dryer
by: eureka

using vinegar really helps a lot and do not use dryer,just put it outside and let the sun dry it up..it save electricity..

Vinegar's a life saver
by: Anonymous

You can also avoid using shampoos and such that are both costly and bad for the environment by switching to baking soda (for cleaning) and apple cider vinegar (as a conditioning rinse). It's all about the little choices.

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