Will it be a front loader or a top loader ?

Is it going to be a front loader or a top loader? This is one of the first questions you are gong to have to decide. At the bottom of this article we've summarized the key points to look out for.

One of the factors which will definitely influence your decision is where the machine is going to be placed in your house. Measure the space before you buy.

The agitator uses less water and is more popular out of the two despite being rougher on the clothes. With the impeller you can fit more clothes in the machine but they tend to tangled up quite easily.

It is because top loaders can be rougher on the clothes you must make sure your new machine has a lint filter. Lint is something that is stripped from the clothes every time they are washed. This is not so much a problem on front loaders but on the top loader it is essential.

It may be helpful to you if we summarize the advantages and disadvantages of the front and top loader in a chart.

Summary Charts

Top Loader

Advantage Disadvantage
  • Cheaper
  • Uses a large amount of water
  • Faster
  • Not energy efficient
  • Lighter
  • Uses more detergent
  • Big range available
  • Expensive to run
  • More clothes added in mid wash
  • Space needed to open lid
  • Easy loading from top
  • Front Loader

  • Lower running costs
  • Expensive to buy
  • More water efficient
  • Heavy
  • More energy efficient
  • Usually no adding clothes
  • Less detergent used
  • Smaller capacities generally
  • Not as rough on clothes
  • Smaller range available
  • Faster spin means less drying time
  • More often creases clothes

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