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Toastmaster Steam & Dry iron, model # 3302

I received a Toastmaster Steam & Dry iron, model # 3302 as a gift several years ago. I asked for an iron because mine had quit working. I have several pieces of clothing that need ironed after every washing and I also do a lot of craft work that requires ironing. I did not specify any particular type of iron other than steam-dry capabilities.

The fill spout for the steam option is easy to use, the window to see how much water is in the iron is very accessible and in a good place. And the steam option works extremely well on this iron. This iron is really good at crafts. It can get in tight spaces because of the very pointed end on it. It is also light enough to be lifted and turned and used in ways that most iron manufacturers don't plan for.

When working on various crafts this is an important feature. I have been pleasantly surprised and completely happy with this use of the Toastmaster Iron. When ironing the clothing that needs ironed however, I have found that the iron is almost too light. It makes me have to apply a lot of pressure to get the clothing ironed.

If it just had a couple more ounces of weight, it would be perfect for clothing. On the other hand, that would make it not so good for crafts. If you need a light weight easy to use steam-dry iron, this one fits the bill very well. If you need an iron for pressing clothes, it would be good for that.

But I have found that regular ironing of starched clothing isn’t so easy. The iron itself is great, it just isn’t heavy enough to do this type of ironing. I have worked around this by applying more than usual pressure while I am ironing. But it would make my job easier to not have to apply this pressure. On the whole, this iron is a good option for most jobs.

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