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by Kelly
(Millville, CA, USA)

I'm usually a pretty price conscious kind of gal but have found that there is just no way around clean laundry but to pay up and get the best brand. I am a mom with 4 kids, plus my husband has one of those jobs that make laundry a full time ordeal. I deal with every type of stain from punch to poop.

Tide with bleach is by far the best laundry detergent. It is fabulous at getting out tough stains even with out pre-treating. It gets those whites a super bright white and it smells great. My favorite is Mountain Spring but is a little hard to find in the with bleach version (but it does exist).

I wish I could find some magical detergent that works as well as Tide with bleach and costs half the price, but every time I decide to give another kind a try I am disappointed.

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