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Tide with color safe bleach - makes a difference

by Shauna
(San Antonio, TX )

I started using Tide with color safe bleach after I purchased my new front-loading washer. I noticed a difference in the quality in the cleanliness of my clothes immediately. I had been using a cheaper brand before, and having a 6 year old who spills things on her clothes constantly, I simply couldn’t get stains out.

I was going to wind up in the poor house with the amount of money I was spending on clothes for that kid. With a little pre-treating, and using Tide on her clothes, her whites were actually white again, and because many of the things I purchase for her have a combination of white and color, it was nice to not have the color fade out.

I even noticed a difference in my own clothes. The colors weren’t fading, and they stayed brighter longer than before. I’ve been using Tide with color safe bleach for about a year, and I would never even think about switching to another brand.

I used to not think that the brand of laundry detergent made a difference, after seeing and feeling the difference, I’ve definitely changed my mind!

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