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Tide with Bleach

by Kris
(Concord NH USA)

Too expensive when store brands will do the same quality cleaning.

Economics have made it necessary to review my shopping habits. Purchasing Tide with bleach has become an unnecessary cost as I have determined that I can do my families laundry for about half the price.

I had always purchased Tide with bleach in the largest size because it is convenient in my laundry room. And I have always been swayed towards name brands vs store brands because I believed I was getting better quality.

Recently I have been purchasing store brands in an effort to save money on my grocery bill. I have found that the store brands do just as good a job, if not better than the Tide with bleach for a lot less money.

I wash all of our laundry using the cold setting only, and hang our laundry to dry. I have two small girls as well as a teenage son who is prone to spills and have lots of laundry to do on a weekly basis.

Tide with bleach had always done a great job of getting our laundry clean, but at a cost. The less expensive option of using a store brand makes sense and is just one of the ways I can help our family save money.

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Aug 11, 2014
Yellowed linens no more! NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a decades old set of pillowcases with a beautiful hand crocheted edging. The center of each had a yellow area... *wince* from rancid hair oils. I didn't dare use chlorine bleach on them , so I hid them under other pillows just to show off the lacy edgings. When I switched to Tide with bleach, on the first washing, I saw bright white streaks through the yellowed area. So I then pre-soaked them in more Tide plus bleach and ran them through the full cycle. They came out dazzlingly white! I began to wonder what else my bargain brand detergent was leaving behind? So I tossed the worthless brand detergent in the trash and am sticking with Tide plus bleach from now on.

Jan 26, 2012
by: Cheryl Alexander

My whites were dark and dingy
My colors failing fast,
Giving up was coming close
My mom said "Tide will past."
I've tried so many other soaps
I've grown so tired and wiery,
Frustration caused an overload
My eyes were puffed and teary.
I knew mom used Tide growing up
My dad, he would insist,
Us kids really didn't know
Not just the smell we'd miss.
Now that I'm married now myself
And clothes are piling fast,
Moms words of wisdom fill my thoughts
Cheryl, "Tide will past.
"I've used the cheap brands: All of them,
In class my kids would hide,
Most kids there had brighter whites
My son said, "Mom use Tide".
Stubborn me, I gave in
Now my choice is clear,
The only soap in my home was
Tide with bleach this year.

Oct 02, 2008
Love it!
by: Anonymous

I love Tide with bleach because of the smell and how well it really whitens my whites. It doesnt fade my color either. I get so many questions on "what fabric softner I use" and I reply back with I dont use it, I use Tide with Bleach. I have been using it over 10 years now.

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