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Tide with Bleach Alternative

by Jemmer Pablo
(San Jose)

Tide with bleadh

Tide with bleadh

I always buy Tide Liquid Detergent with Bleach Alternative. Aside from it is cheap, the volume will allow me to do 26 loads on my washing machine.

The bleaching chemicals are truly wonderful in that stains are removed easily without the colors fading away resulting into true colors without the blackness usually associated with old and used clothes.

White clothes actually become more brilliant white without the aid of another bleaching agent.

I also like the fragrant smell that permeates up to your nostrils when you put your clothes on even without ironing like t-shirts and underwear.

Normally, I buy about 4-5 gallons every time I go to wallmart and just stock them up until they are all finished. Of course the instructions are clear and easy to follow which can be found on the label.

My friends will always ask me how I keep my clothes look like new and also they would comment on fresh smell and look whenever I put on newly wash shirts after shower. Of course I always tell them it’s a secret otherwise, I will run out of Tide from wallmart.

I guess I would have to check with Safeway if they also stock those. If yes, then probably I can finally tell my friends about it but first I will tell them it’s available at Safeway so all the Tide in wallmart will just be for me.

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