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Tide Ultra: Scented with Lilac and Baking Soda

Recently I went to Target to buy laundry detergent and never realized how many different types there are!! After staring at the isle for ten minutes I decided to go with Tide (the type my mom uses) and started sniffing the different the scents.

I chose the “Two Times Ultra Tide Pure Essentials with Baking Soda, the White Lilac Scent.” I didn’t really think that my laundry would smell any different but boy was I wrong! This is ultra concentrated detergent so I would suggest using the guidelines on the inside of cap and STICKING to the guidelines.

The one load mark is enough detergent (and bubbles) for a full washer load of towels.

The bottle says that it is enough for fifty two loads and I think that if you are a little “cheap” with it could definitely last longer. The bottle was pretty expensive- ten dollars- but I have done about fifteen loads and the bottle really hasn’t gotten any lighter.

I would suggest matching this with the Snuggle Exhilaration Melon and Lotus Flower fabric softener. My wet laundry smells FABULOUS! The smell carries over to dry clothes best when you hang dry the clothes. The scent tends to become overcome by the dryer sheet smell when put into the dryer.

I am definitely satisfied with the way my laundry and I forgot to say snuggling with my quilt at night the scent is really nice and not too overbearing to give you a headache.

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