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Tide - Original Scent - Liquid

Like a lot of people, I used to buy whatever laundry detergent was on sale. It was Gain one week, All the next, and maybe Cheer the week after. If there was a coupon in the paper on Sunday - I was buying that detergent. Of course, that was back when it was just my husband and I, before we had any children.

HOWEVER, after having children, and if you have children you'll know what I mean - you find a need for something that can work miracles on their clothing. I can not even begin to tell you some of the things my children have come home from school or in from outdoor play on their clothing. Awful, disgusting, unheard of things!

As such, I began to notice that some laundry just didn't get their clothing as clean as others. For example, I've found that just about any sort of store brand detergent leaves clothes smelling less than fresh. There is just something about that scent they put in to try to make things smell good - that does the exact opposite. And, as such, some detergents - while leaving a good smell- leave an intoxicating smell. Who wants to wear laundry detergent as a perfume or cologne?!

So, through trial and error, I've found that Tide "Original Scent" in the liquid form does the best job. It gets clothing clean, keeps colors bright and whites white, and also leaves fresh scent that is subtle not intoxicating.

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