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Tide - makes clothes smell great

by Cynthia

Growing up, I always did my own laundry; and of course, all of my friends' parents did theirs. I had one friend whose clothes always smelled so good. I know it sounds weird, but they always had the freshest scent. Anyway, even though I washed my clothes on a regular basis, they never smelled as good as my friend's.

So I found out that her Mom used Tide laundry detergent and of course, I had to go out and buy it. I was a little disappointed in the pricing, because it's really expensive and as a kid, I didn't have much to spend; especially on laundry detergent. But I bought it anyway and I have used it ever since. I like the original scent the best.

All of my friends love it and most of them use it too. However, most recently, all of the laundry detergent companies have decided to give everyone "more detergent for less" by concentrating it 2 times. This has become a problem, because when I started using the 2X concentrated detergent, I noticed that I was having an allergic reaction. So, no big deal; I'll just switch back to the regular one, right? Well, since this new "thing",

I'm finding it difficult to find the regular Tide detergent that isn't 2X concentrated. So, if I don't find it soon, unfortunately, I'll have to abandon my favorite detergent.

But I still recommend it to anyone looking for an awesome detergent. Again, it's expensive, but it's worth the money when everyone tells you how good you smell.

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