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the cleaning performance of G.E. Profile WPRE6150

by M.Elston
(Springfield, IL)

A pair of jeans

A pair of jeans "Cleaned" in a G.E. WPRE6150

I am seriously disappointed in this washer. True, it uses less water, less energy, and has a fast spin that leaves clothing with less water for a quicker dry - but there is one very major problem. This washer does not clean clothing well at all. It can't clean more than 1/2 of a load even on the highest water level, and each load must go through a second rinse no matter how little detergent is used. The cycle takes 75 minutes on this setting. It also will not clean any amount of very dirty clothing, and mud or sand is simply redistributed in the load, not cleaned out.

I would not purchase any washer of this design again.

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