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T-Fal Ultraglide Diffusion FV3266003

by Clara
(San Jose, CA)

My T-Fal iron is the first and last iron that I have ever used. I have had this iron since college and it has lasted me for about eight years. It is still going strong, and I use it pretty regularly. It’s automatic off feature is one of the best; I have never burned a shirt while ironing. Another good feature is the large base. The base is larger, allowing for more stability and safety.

I am comfortable with walking away to attend to other tasks while ironing because I know that the iron will automatically turn off and not fall off of the ironing board. The T-Fal has a feature for steam; there is a space for water to be filled. However, if you overfill the water, unless you use up all the water, there is no easy way to remove the excess.

The iron uses a generous amount of steam on its regular settings, but there are also optional features that allow the user to spray more steam if necessary. The steam setting can be gentle enough to handle silk shirts. I have never used the iron with starches or commercial wrinkle removers, but I find that just using the iron itself will get rid of most of my clothing wrinkles just fine. The iron also comes with a self-cleaning feature, although I have never had the chance to use it.

Unless you are making grilled cheese sandwiches with this iron, it is very low maintenance. Just plug it in and you are set to go! The time that it takes for the iron to heat up is fast, approximately five minutes. There are multiple heat settings, but I have found that a moderate or medium setting is adequate to get some of my toughest wrinkles out.

True to its name, the iron does glide very smoothly on all types of clothing. I have used it on cotton, linen, and even corduroy fabric.

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Mar 29, 2009
Good price and good quality
by: Anonymous

I make lots of clothes for my grandchildren so I always need to have a good steam iron. I have bought many brands over the years and my biggest complaint has been that I have to set the iron at such a high temperature to get any steam that the iron scorches my clothes. Irons don’t last more than a few years and so I am always on the lookout for the perfect iron: not too expensive, lightweight, easy controls, good steam output, good temperature control.

I saw the T-FAL iron and for $30 it was in the right price range. I have never bought a T-FAL before, so I didn’t know what to expect from this relatively inexpensive iron. But it fits the bill. It is light and easy to maneuver and the soleplate is very smooth and glides easily over my fabric. But the best thing about this iron is the steam output. It has plenty of steam at a good, not too hot temperature for my fabrics.

Most fabrics come folded in half at the store and those creases are hard to get out, so I was pleasantly surprised to see that the T-FAL did as good a job on these “permanent” creases as did a much more expensive iron that I previously owned. It doesn’t leak (an important feature) and it doesn’t scald my fabrics either.
I would suggest however, that you make sure to keep the soleplate very clean, wiping it down after you remove the extra water and cool the iron or the residue can stain your fabric, especially if you use tap water as I do.

But this is standard operating procedure with most irons. In summary, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a good quality iron. I’m very pleased with my purchase and my grandchildren will be pleased with the results!

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