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T-Fal 1759 Ultraglide Iron

by Mary
(Eugene, Oregon)

T-Fal 1759 Ultraglide Diffusion Iron with 3-Way Auto Shut-Off

This clothes iron does not take much effort and all the added features work as they are supposed to. It is very stylish but is not very practical when looked at ergonomically. It does not have a comfortable grip so can be hard on my wrist and arm but it was not very expensive.

Normally when you use a comfortable iron your fingers will basically be making a comfortable fist grip but with this iron that is not the case.

When I use this handle as designed my had slants with the thumb down which put my wrist at a painful angle and my elbow up to high. I can grip it where the cord is attached instead at the back of the iron but this makes for a week grip and uneven ironing.

The grip is also not within comfortable reach of the controls for the steamers and such and it is easy to accidently change the temperature setting.

The cord gets in the way and will pull the clothes out of shape if it drag across them as you iron meaning you need three hands, one for the chord, one for the iron and one to hold the clothes. A slicker cable may help it not catch on the clothes so much. The water mister is not very accurate and it sprays too much.

It does have some good points though. It has a temperature light and does get hot very fast. It is fairly easy to adjust the steam control once you get used to how much water it is really putting out. It is a very hard burst of steam which is good for the clothes but not so great on your hands.

The ironing surface it’s self is very smooth and does not stick to the clothes or push them out of shape. The shape of the iron is good for most jobs and it is not to heavy while still ironing the clothes without to much effort.

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