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Sunbeam Steam Master Model #4053

I still have the original instructions booklet for my Sunbeam Steam Master. When I looked on the back of it today, I was shocked to see a copyright date of 1996! I don’t recall when I purchased this clothes iron, but I can tell you that it’s never been serviced and I’ve never had any problems with it whatsoever.

The best feature is the automatic turn-off. Many times when I’m ironing, I have to walk away to take care of something else – phones, emails, cooking – and I forget about the iron. It’s a joy to come back and find that it’s completely cold. This eliminates the danger of accidents that can happen with an unattended hot iron. I often wish all of my other appliances, including my stove and oven, had this shut-off feature.

Also, the red ‘On/Off’ light lets me know if I’m getting power. I move my ironing location depending on what activities are going on, so I sometimes iron in the kitchen or other times in the bedroom or living room. Often, this requires an extension cord. The red light lets me know if I’m getting power. It also lets me know when I’ve let the iron idle too long and it’s shut off – that can happen even when I’m standing right there because I take time sorting or hanging clothes. If I see the light blink off, I can take a pass with the iron to make sure it clicks back into hot mode.

The other two features I love are the push button spray and push button steam options. As I’m ironing, depending on the fabric and the degree of wrinkling I am smoothing, I switch easily and quickly back and forth from the wet spray to the puffs of steam. These features work wonderfully and my clothes come out looking crisp and wrinkle-free.

I’ve never burned or ruined any article using this iron. The settings are (in order of warm to hot) synthetic, silk, wool, cotton and linen. There is an indicator that lets you know which fabrics will allow steam ranging from minimum (silk) to maximum steam (linen).

All in all, this is a wonderful iron and I can’t imagine how it could be made better!

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