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Sunbeam Steam Iron with Retractable Cord - 4215

by Brandi
(Georgia, USA)

I would say that this iron is about middle of the road for me. I have definitely had better, and will probably never buy this brand again. The only pros, really are that it is light and inexpensive, and generally easy to use. It also has an auto shut off feature, which is great if you are a mother running around the house with several tasks going on at one time.

The outside has a neat look to it with the semi transparent compartment to put water in, but you get what you pay for. The steam function on it does not work well at all, and it only seems to release water when used, rather than steam. The bottom is definitely not stick free like the description states.

It will often stick to our clothes and cause crumpling if we don't iron very slowly, which is extremely frustrating. It takes a while to heat up and cool down, and the retractable cord does not retract all of the way.

It is also surprisingly noisy for an iron. I can usually hear the water heating up in it from across the room if it is left on, which means I hardly ever rely on the auto shut off feature anyway. Overall, it gets the job done, but the user has to be extremely patient and not need the steam option. I do not see this iron lasting us much longer, either.

We have only had it for about a year and used it a handful of times, and I am fairly sure that we will be needing a new one before long. If it had not been a gift given to us, then I would have taken it back for a replacement a long time ago.

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