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Sunbeam Steam and Dry Iron Model #3965

by Jody
(New Orleans)

My Sunbeam Model 3965 has been a reliable and quality iron. After going through a few budge irons, the Sunbeam is a much welcome change. This is an attractive white and chrome model.

The 3965 model features multiple heat and steam settings making it easy for the average person to select which temperature to use on a variety of fabrics, achieving the best possible results. The steam setting can be increased or turned off independently from heat settings for a more customized performance, meeting your needs on special fabrics or conditions.

The nonstick stainless steel soleplate moves easily over the fabric, avoiding sticking and scorching delicate fabrics. The self cleaning feature of this iron prevents the soleplate holes from becoming crusted or clogged with white residue – a problem that often plagues cheaper irons.

This model features a steam shot button. Press the button while ironing and a puff of steam goes to work removing tough wrinkles and setting clean creases. After years of juggling dribbling and inconvenient spray bottles while doing laundry, the iron’s water mister feature sprays a fine mist on the garment while you work. No more knocking over water bottles with the cord. The motion-sensitive automatic shutoff device is a definite convenience and lifesaver – it shuts off after 30 seconds of non-use if left lying flat or after 15 minutes standing up. An indicator light flashes to let you know the iron is bout to shut off.

This iron is lightweight enough to be maneuvered easily, while not being so lightweight I feel the need to press down on the device. It heats up extremely quickly – a convenience someone with as little time for chores as I have can appreciate – and seems to cool down faster than other models as well. What’s more, this is the only iron I have ever owned that doesn’t leak water on my clothes, leaving large wet spots behind. If I could change on thing about my iron it would be the addition of a retractable cord for easier storage. Otherwise, this is a great iron that will most likely be a part of my household for years to come.

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