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Sunbeam Model 4075-126

The Sunbeam brand has been around for many years and it is company that is being respected from around the world for producing quality consumer products. Sunbeam is also known to make a variety of good quality irons that anyone will find useful for their everyday needs when it comes to ironing clothes.

I bought this iron many years ago. I has a lot of features. It has five settings of steaming your clothes and those are "synthetic", "silk", "wool" and "cotton". This iron does a good job on all settings but especially for "cotton" and "wool" settings. I have been able to iron my 100% wool suits a few times within 10 minutes with the "wool" setting and came out perfectly fine from my experience.

It also features two buttons at the top of the iron. The release water button, and the steam button. These buttons are very effective while ironing your clothes because the combination of the two buttons plus the specific setting of the iron as it pertains to the garment that you're trying to iron, will eliminate wrinkles quickly from your clothes. A very effective iron indeed.

The iron itself is not that heavy and it has a respectable level of voltage which is 1200W and has a very good and unique attractive design from other leading iron manufactured brands.

In closing, the Sunbeam Model# 4075-126 is one of the best irons out there because of it's variety of features mentioned and the quality of work that it performs on your specific clothes. Based on my personal experience with this iron and the work that it performs I give this iron a 9 out of 10. I believe that Sunbeam did a fantastic job of developing a product that is both very useful and durable. Another thing to mention here is that the iron is very affordable and I have no doubt that anyone will like this iron for years to come as I have.

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