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Sunbeam Model 3980

by Anna K

I’m not a big fan of ironing, but the iron I have is fully adequate to the task. I have had my Sunbeam iron for about three years, and it has been working consistently all along. I like the various fabric temperature settings. I feel like I’m in control of the temperature, and I have yet to burn or melt any of my garments. It is also easy to hold, and I have yet to burn myself either, which is a big plus!

I am also a fan of the color. My iron is white with pretty blue colored accents. My mother has the exact same iron that is white with a nice green hue. While I am not typically proud of showing the contents of my laundry room to the world, I don’t feel bad about having these irons displayed on the shelf.

This iron is not perfect though. I have had problems with both the spray and the steam features. The spray function does not seem to work at all anymore. When the iron was new, the spray would work only if the water tank was all the way full. Now I have to supplement the sprayer on the iron with a spray bottle of water or linen spray. This is somewhat inconvenient.

The steam feature is also somewhat inconsistent. It does seem to work best when the iron water tank is full, and when the iron is set on one of the hotter temperatures, but I often want steam in ironing the more delicate fabrics at cooler temperatures as well. I again find myself using a water bottle or linen spray to help dampen the fabrics and smooth out the wrinkles.

All in all my Sunbeam iron is adequate. With past irons I have had problems with overheating, or large amounts of rust, which caused damage to my clothing, but I have yet to experience that kind of problem with this iron. I would give this iron about three stars out of five, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable iron.

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