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Sunbeam Classic 3964

This model of Sunbeam Classic 3964 iron with auto shut-off is one of the efficient and value for money product. I got this model of sunbeam as a gift from one of my relatives.

When I got that I was not that excited as I didn't have any idea of brand sunbeam and how would it work. But after I used it for ironing my blue shirt. This Sunbeam 3964 iron moved with smooth ease. After switching on the iron was ready to use in just few seconds and it also stays on once you turn it off. The Teflon-coated,flat-paneled bottom made the ironing feel like slippery butter. The setting for the cotton,linen and silk are pretty average,and very understandable.

The Sunbeam boasts a spray mist button,non-stick plate,self-clean button,a steam lever,a spray mist filling container and a reset button although I'd never seen a reset button on an iron prior to this. Most of the irons I have seen prior to this have dial system,which works for adjusting the temperature required. But the Sunbeam 3964 has no dial system but a sliding control that moves up and down and highlights very clearly which setting i've chosen.

The swivel cord on the back of the iron works as it should and stays out of heat's way quite effectively. The steam level is adjustable which allows clothes to be ironed properly. Most cords tend to wrap from the top of the handle to the bottom,which allows for storage, after ironing.

In this Sunbeam model the cord wraps around the base on a non-heated surface of plastic just below the heating element which is something different from the rest. This Sunbeam model 3964 is provided with a one year warranty and gives you the features and convenience I want,with a fresh new look for my home.

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