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Sunbeam 4045

by Theresa
(Oakdale, NY)

I always thought that an iron was an iron, and just a tool used to do a particularly mundane if not sometimes distasteful chore. After going thru many an inexpensive iron, I decided to bite the bullet and purchase an iron that was a little more money.

I could not have been happier with my purchase of the Sunbeam 4045. First it has a Teflon bottom which helps to ensure that while ironing it glides over the item, never sticking. Additionally because the Teflon surface glides over the material, it does not tire you out having to force the iron over the clothing.

This model iron has an easy fill area to put water in for ironing. The water reservoir is made of a heavy durable plastic so you can tell just how much water is in there, with a clear line letting you know when you have reached the maximum amount of water for the iron.

This Sunbeam Iron also has two options on how you would like the water to disperse. The first option is a spray, which emits a fine spray in a fan pattern. This helps to avoid getting a big wet spot on your clothing as well as spraying a wider pattern of water, so you are not always having to spray your clothes while doing your ironing. The other water option that this iron offers its users is that it steams.

When ironing clothing, material curtains etc, I cannot stress enough how important this option is. The steaming really helps to get those difficult wrinkles out of any item you are trying to iron.

The iron dial is easy to read and clearly labeled so you can choose the correct ironing temperature for your ironing need. Finally this iron also has a self cleaning option to ensure that the bottom of your iron stays clean for the next ironing project.

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