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Sunbeam 3020 Iron

I have a Sunbeam 3020 iron. I chose this iron because it is very simple to use and not complicated at all. It was also very reasonably priced (under $30). I purchased mine at Target. I do not iron a lot, mainly for touching up clothes. I take my husband's dress shirts to the laundry where they can get them really pressed.

The iron has all the basic features I was looking for - lightweight and steam. It is very easy to use. The water container is easy to fill and large enough that you do not have to keep refilling it all of the time. You can also clearly see the water level so you know if the water is getting low and needs to be refilled. The heat settings are controlled by a dial and go from the lowest heat (synthetics) to the highest (linen).

The steam is also controlled by a separate dial - you can set this dial to steam on, steam off or clean. I have never used the clean feature so can not comment on that. You can also have a surge of steam by pressing down on a separate steam button. It also has a tip-resistant base so it is pretty steady and doesn't fall over all of the time. The handle on it is comfortable. It also has the feature where it turns itself off if you happen to leave it plugged in.

Probably my only complaint about this iron is that it does not seem to get really, really hot for those stubborn wrinkles in tough fabrics. Fortunately, I don't have that situation come up very often so it is not really a problem. I would recommend this iron for anyone that does ironing once in a while, it is probably not the right iron for someone that irons all of the time.

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