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Sun - sensational scent!

by Lester Baker
(St. Petersburg Florida)

Sun ia a laundry soap that not only leaves your cloths smelling fresh and clean, but it's very cost effective as well. When you buy the double concentrated detergent you can do more loads than using the regular strength detergent therefore spending less money. you can purchase the detergent in many Sensational scents.

I have tried many named brand detergents over the years and have found that Sun detergent works just as well leaving your wallet a little fuller with the money that you save from purchasing Sun. I would recommend Sun detergents to everyone who wishes to save money but yet have clean fresh laundry.

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Dec 11, 2012
Live and learn (the leaky valve story)
by: JimmyD

I'll never buy this stuff in the super jumbo size container again. The one that's so big that it has a dispenser valve, you just push the button to fill the measuring cup.

Sounds good, except for two problems.
1 is probably common to all detergents that are designed this way. When you pour the detergent into the washer, then you put the cap back on, a regular bottle is designed so the detergent still in the cap runs back down into the bottle. With a dispensing valve, that doesn't happen. there's nowhere for the cap to drain, so it either sits there and gets sticky, or it drips out.

2-on the bottle I bought, the dispenser valve leaks, a lot. As a result, by the time you fill the cup, pour it into the washer and turn back to the bottle, it's dripped a string of detergent down the front of the dryer it's sitting on, making a very nasty mess.

Live and learn, I guess.

Nov 09, 2009
My experience with Sun
by: Anonymous

I am a value shopper and I enjoy a good bargain. I have always liked Sun detergent when I can find it on sale. I switch around depending on what coupons I have and store sales. Recently, I picked up 4 bottles of the Sun Sensations in various scents for a whopping $10. Each bottle is a 75 load bottle.

With that said, the tropical is my least favorite scent. As the previous poster stated, I can see where they get the "grape kool-aid" fragrance note. It is a bit sweet.

However, with so many varieties to choose from, that should be a non issue. I am currently using the vanilla/lavender variety and it is a nice clean soft fragrance. While Sun doesn't brighten my whites as much as some other brands (I think it lacks optical brighteners) for the price that is something I am willing to do without. Heck, even the name brand all natural products lack optical brighteners. I also like that Sun uses coconut based surfactants, so while Sun isn't 100% natural it rivals the all natural brands. If you get the scent free version, I find it works just as well as Biokleen and Seventh Generation for a fraction of the price.

Jul 26, 2009
im confused....
by: teresa

I hope I have the right company... I'm writing concerning a laundry detergent called SUNburst w/ sunsational scents. The scent called "clean and fresh" smells like KOOL AID. It doesnt smell like laundry fresh clean. I mean no offense, but I will never buy it again. I did smell it in the store, but one can never tell til we try it. Grape koolaid I do NOT want to smell like. (r u sun prod.corp. in Wilton, CT,06897? ) Even my kids notice the smell... it wasn't pretty. thanks for listening : ) Like the previous poster, I, too, found the product on sale. Never again.

Sep 14, 2008
Sun sensational scent
by: Lori

I too use Sun detergent. I find it on sale quite often and I like to pick up a number of bottles at that time. I agree the scent is great and lingers on your clothes. Can't beat the price nor the scent. I give it two thumbs up!

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