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Summit SPWD1160C

by quincy
(madison, wisconsin, USA)

We purchased this washer and dryer combo last month and are very pleased with the results. It's efficiency definitely beats our old washer. I am very impressed with the effectiveness of both the washing and drying, for I almost assumed that it would be good at one and bad at another.

The unit itself is very small, but it has so many choices that it makes up for it. Also, it does wash loads very quickly. However, the drying time always ranges somewhere in between 45 minutes to an hour, a lot longer than a traditionally vented drier, so if you are used to a traditional dryer that is generally a separate unit, you most likely will be upset with the dry time.

Back to the washing though, you can control how much water you use for the cycle which is nice when trying to be efficient. I am a little concerned on how available parts are and also how hard getting it fixed will be. This combo is definitely geared to smaller apartment spaces, which is evident from its size.

Overall, I'd say the range of temperature control, choice of water flow amount, wash time, wash efficiency and wash ability, the washer side is very positive.

However, the noisy drying, the slow process, and the wait make the drying part pretty weak. Also, to repeat, a very big concern with maintenance.

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May 02, 2016
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Sep 16, 2009
10 hours drying and clothes are still wet
by: Anonymous

- Compact and small, good for people in high-rises or really small condos

- Uses cold water and heats it internally, so no issues with taking a shower with it on

- Takes almost a half a day to do one load

- If it breaks down, you have to wait for weeks for someone out of New York to come fix it.

This isn?t your normal washer dryer combo. It?s a all in one pain in the butt. I bought the machine a couple months ago for my condo. I know that machines like this have issues drying, but I was stuck. I didn?t have the room for a full sized combo unit.

Also there was the problem of getting it inside my house since my building as a strongly short elevator. So I went and got this at specialty shop in the downtown area the day after I moved in my condo. Sorry, most home depots don?t carry this type of machine.

So I put in my first load about 4 days after moving in. It washed very, very well, never heard a peep from it. I left for work hoping for clean dry clothes when I got home 8 hours later. Well, I was so wrong. I got home and the thing was still drying. I never seen anything like it, 10 hours and it was just almost drying. I know this had to be eating up my power bill. I was stuck thou, again with the space issue.

So, like all things that are not the greatest in the world, I just deal with it. I tried taking it back a week later but for some reason the store would not take it back. Something about it?s a special sale and it is not returnable. I?m still fighting with the store in court over that.

Jul 18, 2009
Feature full but breaks easily
by: Anonymous

- It takes up less room
- it is not that expensive

- it breaks very easily

This machine is very useful if you are limited on space and looking to save room. Also it is quite inexpensive.

The downside to this is that it is pretty cheaply made and breaks easily. After it had broken I emailed the store to ask them if they would be so kind as to replace it because it was still under warantee.

They sent me a new one-which was already broken. So I am not very happy with the company and I believe that buying this machine was a mistake. So when you are shopping for a combo washer and dryer do not make the mistake I did.

Spend a little bit more money so that you are ensured better quality products. This is most definetly not a good quality product, and I must say that although it gets the job done of washing and drying, it is much more of a hassle than I had bargained for.

However, some may not break. This appliance may be good in an apartment where you need to save room, and money. I have also noticed that the washer makes the water very hot.

This is good because it means better cleaning power. However, the drying cycle is so slow! It takes about two hours to complete the cycle, especially if you have loaded the machine to the amount that it says it can take...So this is another downfall to this machine.

There are also a lot of settings for this machine which means you can set anything to the temperature or rinse that you want.

However there are so many settings that it is quite challenging to figure out and can be very confusing.

So I appreciate being able to save money and space but next time I think I will be doing that on a different, more reliable machine.

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