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Steam Buddy

by Lynn Radford
(Huntington, WV)

I cannot tell you the utter joy I felt when I returned home from work one day and my newly purchased Steam Buddy garment steamer was perched by my front door eagerly awaiting my arrival! Thank goodness it had finally arrived, I had survived 2 weeks in a new house with ugly old sheers and I wanted them gone. I had purchased new sheers that I wanted to hang to replace the old ugly ones, and I wanted them to hang perfectly.

After making sure that all of the attachments were present and that the device worked properly, I set off to steam my new sheers. I had purchased them at Pier 1 imports and I was truly afraid to iron them for fear of burning. I pre-hung them so that they would hang naturally as I began to steam them and it worked fantastically, even with the heavily stitched and embroidered areas. I began to search high and low for other things to try the steamer on! The ease of use and the great result I had made me want to use it all the more. I eventually steamed all of the curtains in my house and couldn't have been happier with the results of my STEAM BUDDY, or so I thought!

I found that my steam buddy also works very well on our work uniforms, our sheets and pillowcases, my linen napkins and table cloths, even my husbands T-Shirts. It also helps to keep me in order by allowing me to steam our work uniforms with ease and quickness. I can steam my uniform with the Steam buddy in less than 7 minutes, helping me to get out of the door quicker when it is time for work.

This was not my first experience with steamers and at first I was truly skeptical. I had previously owned a steamer and it left steam burns on the garments and also leaked hot water excessively. But this model has truly lived up to it's name and it is now my new buddy!

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