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Speed Queen Heavy Duty Washer

I bought my Speed Queen washing machine about a year ago from a hotel washing machine supply agency. It was a used washer, it had been in a hotel for five years prior to my owning it. It is the commercial one so it is larger than the average washer but I was told that that was the only difference.

It has been great so far. I have been able to load all kinds of things into it, I haven't been nice at all. I have put in boots, work clothes, way too much laundry for one load (even with the extended capacity)and it handles it all without a problem. I don't really separate so it's medium settings are very nice, as well as the wide range of load sizes makes it almost impossible to mess up.

It is currently being used in a back room where it gets bumped into and piled on all the time and the dents pop right back out. As far as I could tell it only comes in white but I guess that's easier to decorate around.

I would suggest one to anybody who asks, so if you can find one make it yours and you won't be sorry.

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Jul 17, 2009
sorry to sell
by: Diane

I have a speed Queen washer I am so regretfull that I am Moving and have to sell it...please contact me if you are interested she is a bargain ! 07735335015

Jan 17, 2009
broken part
by: connie mchugh

my heavy duty new speed queen washer has a very flimsy wash softner dispenser. It falls off in the washer and cracks the small "legs off. This part is not heavy duty. I would like mine replaced when you come up with a good reliable dispenser that will stay on and will not break.
Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Connie McHugh 17 Annendale Drive, Carlisle, Pa. 17015

Nov 05, 2008
19 years and going
by: Anonymous

I have had my Speed Queen washer & dryer for 19 years. It is a home model, but both have served me well. We moved 5 times and nothing ever went wrong other than replacing a fan belt or two. It's time for me to look for a new set and Speed Queen is at the top of my list.

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