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Softening Advice

by Jane
(Naples, FL USA)

Instead of buying expensive dryer sheets:

Take a slightly damp washcloth, and pour approx.

1 Tbsp. of your favorite Fabric Softener into

the middle of the washcloth.

Throw into dryer with your load and dry as usual.

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Try this
by: Emily

Instead of pouring the fabric softener right on the washcloth, I mix a solution of the liquid fabric softener and hot water in a spray bottle. I use about 1 capful of softener and then fill the bottle with hot water. Close the bottle and shake until mixed. Then when I need to I gently shake the bottle and spray the solution onto the washcloth then throw it in the dryer. Works great and the bottle of fabric softener lasts a long time!

Fabric Softening Sheets
by: Anonymous

If using softener sheets I advise monthly to remove lint filter and wash it with HOT water. The softener coats the screen and makes for longer drying cycles and could clog totally causing a fire.

Will this cause spotting?
by: Patti

Do you rub the softener into the washcloth? I would think the liquid fabric softener would stain the clothes in spots.

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