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Smartek 1450 Watts Professional Garment Steamer

I look for what I want in an appliance and I found it in the Smartek 1450 Watts Professional Garment Steamer, I need it to be affordable, it has to fit my budget, as I already have a steam iron I need something more, my requirements for the Steamer is for more than just an iron.

I want to have a nozzle I can use, many have a wide opening like a vacuum cleaner with extra attachments, but if you get one that has a purpose built directional one as its main nozzle, it feels better.

I use it round the house so the main reason I need a directional nozzle because I use this for more than just steaming clothes, I clean bathrooms with it, it is great for the tiles, round the toilet and the shower curtain.

I can not and do not recommend it for carpets but rugs and floor mats that you can prop against a wall out side and have water drain easily away, it is fantastic.

In the kitchen I use it for my fridge, my oven and again, ventilation and drainage allowing.

Once the weather allows I cart all my chairs and non cover removable items out side and give them a good steam.

I do my windows, especially the exteriors, blinds and curtains, of course I am very wary of using it around chipboard and give surfaces a clean first to remove hard stuck on objects, but this is a good cleaner.

The stand is great, the water does not slosh around and it is portable or rather drag-able, I trust the castors to go over door seals, and though it is basic it feels sturdy.

Using a hat stand I can get all my seasonal clothes out and steam and air them, they are clean when they went into storage, they just need a sprucing up.

All round a Stemmer is a wonderful tool, and the Smartek gets the job done.

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