Site Build it Review, is it a scam?

(NOTE: in 2017 "Site Build It" changed it's name to "Solo Build It", it's still the same product.)

The truth is there is NOTHING magical about an SBI site! Why is that you ask? Because the techniques that SBI employ can be used on any site, hosted anywhere .. however there IS something magical about the techniques that SBI teach ... which make the price WORTH IT. (Whether you’re a marketing professional or getting started) 

Even though it's not the number one tool i recommend ... it's the ONLY tool I recommend for people who want to build a business.

(If you have a better tool please email me so i can test.  I want to test the tools based not on opinion but fact. I will run the tool you recommend through the objective methodology described here, to determine which is best based on the stats and numbers the test will give and not just mere opinion or speculation. To test a tool based on fact is to get data and compare it with SBI. If the tool you recommend is better i'll happily delete this review, move my two remaining SBI sites to the new tool, and right away write a  review recommending that product, as well as sending all my clients and friends there). So far no such tool or business builder exists today that can compare with SBI. 

Decisions based on fact in the maze of fake reviews i think is the best way to make a decision when buying a product .. especially in the cess pool known as the internet. Reviews can be faked but facts based on a repeatable test cannot be faked. SBI recently did a test, which showed that with SBI they are 3,300 percent more likely to be successful. (i'll link to the study at the end of the review)

Why do i recommend SBI?

In brief there are three reasons : 

  1. MY own personal experience of over ten years as a professional internet marketer (keep reading)
  2. The quality in SBI is unrivaled compared to other systems, builders and apps i've tested (this isn't a salesy thing to say or sales page for SBI, you'll find zero affiliate links here). 
  3. The factual SBI comparison study done May 2017 (using factual data which can't be argued with. In the success comparison study it showed that SBI users have 33 times more chance of success using SBI methods compared to the nearest competitor!)

There's other options and courses out there for building a website (e.g. wix), but i can't find anything with the same quality for building a business. 

So this review isn't going to describe to you what is IN SBI (it's really beyond the scope of this review, because each business is gong to have a different focus, yet the foundational marketing is the same - it's called "good marketing" e.g. SBI philosophy. The different tools FOR that business you start, you will grow into as you set sail on this ocean. When you need them and you get to the right stage of the business to implement them, SBI has your back as the tools are there, ready, with guided instructions what to do. 

Really - another review!?

This review isn't just a content synopsis of what is in SBI, but rather a glimpse into why it is unique as a business builder, and really has no competitors when apples are compared to apples. This review is really showing the philosophy of SBI and the uniqueness in this "business building niche" - i purposely avoided affiliate links as to not appear biased. Of course income because of this review would be nice, but i already have my established niches thanks to SBI, so this review is more of a thankful to them, and a help to you. 

This review will instead aim to give discernment to you WHY it is the best choice IF starting up a soloprenear web business. Why should i trust SBI ... because it is proven track record, with stats and sites to back success up. (Check out the SBI proof page) What motivated me to write this review is underhanded tactics by marketing companies making false claims, and the false claims having the result of ship wrecking potential soloprenears from potential success. I have nothing to gain by writing this but to get that off my chest :) 

If you JUST want a website and don't care about marketing the site to get visitors and ultimately to monetize that traffic, then SBI isn't for you. If that is your desire you may as well stop right now reading this. You'll be better off with a simple stand alone web builder or blog which is preferably free. (blogger and Wordpress both have free blogs on a sub-domain you can use and tumblr is a good one for an image blog)

Today i build most of my sites on my own dedicated server .. but the knowledge i gained from SBI was like a marketing university degree that i still apply to this day. Being a member of SBI is not JUST about the site building tools, BUT the business building advice! The visual and precise "how's to" guides you each step of the way. For a novice getting started it takes the weight of the back. If like me when you start you'll be doing backflips, many people testify with these words: "it just makes sense" ... the action guide is integrated with their tool kit , so the action guide isn't just a pretty name, it is an ACTION guide for you to do what it says, and the tools are there for you to do just that - DO IT!!!!!!!

And that is the key right now ... just do it ... please take one minute to listen to this video:

Just do it  ... stop dreaming, and theorizing, make your dreams a reality and JUST DO IT :) 

I tell my friends the same thing when they ask me to teach them marketing, i don't have time to teach them but i say do yourself a favor, grab a cup of coffee and read/ or watch the SBI action guide - and JUST DO IT :)


.....and for the professional seasoned marketer, you get updated and continual advice and ideas on new marketing techniques, in the form of weekly newsletters, a buzzing forum, and new how to's and ideas in the ever changing web.

SBI meets people where they are

and take them where they need to go did that for me when i knew nothing in 2007, now i own my own server with multiple clients with sites getting anything from a few thousand to a few hundred thousand visitors daily. I'm free to live anywhere in the world and work for myself, managing my own time how to spend it. For me it all started with curiousity - can it work for me too? Just do it !!!! 

What is the magic sauce?  :)

Nothing really , just the sound marketing advice and step by step instructions i received when going through the SBI training. I apply the same principles to my all my websites whether inside or outside SBI - good marketing principles do NOT change with your CMS (content management system). SBI happen to have a great content management system coupled with great IM advice.

After all these years marketing i'm still thankful for the weekly newsletters and new training material.  Till this day ten years later i'm still with SBI, just the information alone is worth being a subscription for me .. but of course the soloprenear starting out on a business get's so much more ... in 2007 i thought it was too good to be true. Why was there so much stuff which comes with my subscription (?) i'm confused (?) there's so much immoral stuff out there , is SBI too good to be true(?) , is this just all hot wind marketing gimmickry (?) So i through my hat in the ring and took up a free trial ... 10 years later there is still no looking back. 

Really my motivation to write this review is to help people .. you'll see no affiliate links in this review .. i just took some time out to write this as a thank you to sitesell and ken, for the product called SBI, as i could not have done the things i did this last 10 years without it.  

I  still have two SBI sites, even though I haven’t worked on them for fiveor so years, yet they still give me residual income of a few thousand dollars a year. Why? They were built with sound marketing principles you will learn from SBI. Other's sites fade .. but those built on a solid foundation can stand the test of time.  One site I sold for 30,000 dollars a few years ago!!! That’s not bad for a person who started on the internet knowing NOTHING!!!! In the last ten years i've been able to travel the world, be in control of my time, and spend more time with family and friends ... was i a genius ? Not really, i just followed the implementation guide and marketed websites the correct way as taught with SBI. 

The techniques I learned from the school of SBI  …. I still use to this day on every new site I make whether for me or a customer. However because I’m busy and don’t have time to take on new customers right now, I just send my friends to SBI when they are begging me to train them in internet marketing … by sending them to SBI I do them a favor, I even forget to give the affiliate link as my motivation is I WANT them to succeed. I know for a fact they have the best chance of success with SBI .. see the factual comparison study.

Yes, internet professionals will benefit from the weekly information regarding internet marketing that SBI send .. they have their pulse on the internet which is phenomenal when I look back at my 10 year web marketing career – which by the way also started with a personal skeptical mind and a trial accout of Site build it. … 10 years later I’m still here. 

SBI IS however also for the brand new person who has literally no idea how to build a website .. because SBI provides all the tools they need to be a internet success. (not meaning to make this sound salesy, just trying to speak from my heart, as if i'm giving some advice to my own sister)

Common Complaints

Let's look at all the common complaints you'll find against SBI. I've categorized all of them into four categories and will examine each one. 

The complaints against SBI are either created by former users of SBI who were lazy and didn’t go through the process (e.g. follow the action guide in order and correctly - successful SBI veterans will have one mantra in common, "trust the action guide".

The other type of review is by immoral competitors propagating fake reviews. You may spot them or you may not. These fake reviews mostly are bait and switch ...for example they say: this product is good but this product is better etc .. the motivation for this type of bait and switch is affiliate commission.

I've mentioned the objective factual success comparison study above, which really is the final word on what business builder is the best. (You can find the results of that study here)

I want to answer a few complaints … as they are really internet myths propagated by competitors. People say you can’t trust lawyers , I’ve added internet marketers to that … the things I’ve witnessed regarding marketing methods this last ten years makes my hair stand on end !

Complaint 1
"but SBI has outdated and ugly templates?"

ANSWER:  SBI used to have ugly templates but no more.  When I joined in 2007 the templates were not that good, although that didn’t stop me making 6000 dollars a month with SBI at the time, selling one site for 30,000 dollars three years later. But of course good site design is still important, because the reaction of your visitors to your webpage IS itself an SEO (search engine optimization) factor. Good design is also important especially if you are selling products or a service … good design makes for a higher conversion rate. 

SBI answered this complaint by providing some of the most beautiful templates on the internet, which are all free to SBI users and also responsive (which means they are built to work on mobile devices and tablets)

Here are some examples to demo sites demonstrating how the design looks:

Example template 1

Example template 2

Example template 3

Example template 4

some live examples

NOTE: these are four randomly chosen templates, there's multiple more styles ... i thought am impressed with the progress to the design of SBI sites in recent years. 

So the crap design complaint doesn’t hold water anymore. What I like about SBI is they are constantly improving, and putting the little guy (which is us), first….  Ken has a customer always comes first philosophy – which also explains his driving motivation for SBI to evolve and develop as they surf the internet wave through time.

+++++ side note +++++
I thought it was great ken said <B>he would provide an export function if any superior product came on the market</B> …  Ken has enough money and SBI isn’t a business trying to make as much profit as possible. The price alone has always been the same – 30 dollars a month. Ken’s heart is for the solopreneur , the little guy in a big fish pond. So if a better product comes out, then ken and SBI have no reason to exist – actually I challenge anyone to find a better product. If you can find one. I will delete this SBI review and instead send everyone to the new product. You will have also done me a favor as I want to use the best and recommend only the best :) I have nothing to loose as there are no affiliate links in this post.

+++++ end side note +++++

In fact...

One thing not mentioned often about SBI is the outstanding support – in the last ten years every time I contact support, they get back to me in less than 4 hours !!! Unless you’re a night owl you’ll have to wait for the morning usually ;)  …  their support system is second to none in my experience.

Complaint 2
"SBI say they will filter all the bad advice, so don’t bother reading around?"

ANSWER: Well you don’t have to take this advice … you can read around and subscribe to internet marketing blogs.  I do.  However the point of SBI saying this is they want you to SUCCEED, THEREFORE STOP READING EVERYTHING ONLINE AND START DOING !!!!! 

You know so many people fail at building a successful online business because they get stuck in what I call “scholar theory” :D In other words they spend so much time reading the theory that they don’t apply it ! 

Now SBI have put together an action guide which isn’t just theory it is an IMPLEMENTATION SYSTEM which has a track record of success …. In fact unrivaled track record. So they want you to focus on building your own business and ignore all the noise around you … and believe me there is so much noise in internet marketing because people are trying to sell you a system / product .. which ultimately does not work .. there is far too many scams out there. 

So SBI have professional trained marketers on staff who actually read all the blogs , then bring out the best stuff in their weekly email to all SBI users. This weekly email again is not about theory but practice … and if there is something important to apply to your business then they will tell you , and then tell you HOW to apply it.

Bear in mind one of the reasons SBI says this is many of their clients are “farmer joe” who doesn’t really know anything about the internet … however “farmer joe” can build an successful online business with all the knowledge SBI provides and without worrying about the noise. If some new technology is needed, SBI release it, … farmer joe doesn’t need to worry but can concentrate on marketing his farmer business :) There is a reason why new SBI members are encouraged to stay close to the action guide (the action guide being both written and video is the implementation tool that SBI is built on).  Each step is necessary to complete before moving on. People who fail at SBI and are negative  towards them, when you dig a bit deeper more often than not you discover they were skipping parts of the actions guides ….. remember an Oak takes time to build but a squash is quick … SBI wants your business to be an oak which stands the test of internet time. It’s no coincidence there mascot is the tortoise .. the tortoise wins the race in the end being slow and steady. SBI is not a get rich quick scheme .. it takes much work. With SBI you not a shooting start which his bright for a short time and fades away .. but rather a comet which is slowly yet powerfully and prolongingly glides across the night sky ;) 

However back to my point , If reading around is your cup of tea … like it is for me … then read around a bit. But any professional internet marketer should also subscribe to SBI just for the information they provide … they produce info in the forms of weekly email … new articles … new monetization ideas.

Complaint 3
"SBI have archaic information"

ANSWER: First thought when I saw this complaint … what are you smoking ?!!!! Site build it remarkably updates all the articles in their various hubs called “headquarters”.

Whatever stage you are at in your business … there is a up to date how to guide. Whether it’s brainstorming , site blueprint , selling products, site webinars , search and mobile strategies, local seo, social media guides for all the top social media outlets , outsourcing and partnerships, newsletters and all sorts of monetization guides from affiliate marketing services and hard goods. If you look at the index here you’ll see the wide range .. and each link takes you through to other articles and how too. 

Sounds like a lotta information right? Well it is .. but you don’t need to use it ALL !!!!  You pick and choose what is good for you … if you have an idea of what you want to do with your site, you’ll have a step by step, up to date article about how to do.

But you won’t do everything … well not straight away.  But when you decide to move in a certain direction, like add a store to your site, or start video marketing, the articles will be there. 

Complaint 4
"SBI is too expensive compared to private hosting"

Answer: If you really examine the mathematics of this you’ll see how much value is in SBI…. And I’m writing this from the perspective of someone who actually builds sites outside SBI. 

++++ side point +++++
So why do I also build sites outside SBI  if SBI is all you need? Because I’m a geek who likes to mess around with the source code and fiddle with all the plugins … but even though I do this , I still encourage serious business builders to focus on their business and not to geek out, at least at first .. first get your business up and running with the best chance you got (an SBI subscription), and then we can geek out together with all the free time we have from the residual income we get from our SBI business. 
++++ end side point +++++

I actually spend 550 dollars a month just on my server …. The reviewer of a negative SBI review (you may have seen her, from addicted to decorating), she claimed in that review to spend 230 dollars just an server costs! When you get successful. hosting price always increases … however SBI price stays the same however much site visitors you get 

+++++ side point +++++
Stop there you might say … why so cheap for SBI server costs? what is the catch? Why does SBI never increase ? Well for a few reasons … firstly they buy their hosting in bulk which keeps the cost down. Secondly they automatically compress all the sites in order to make them super fast but this in turn keeps the SBI server bandwidth low. 

So you are saying I get cheap hosting and a fast site? Bottom line = yes. 
+++++ end side point +++++

So with SBI you get this : 


Be a doer of the SBI action guides not a hearer of marketing noise !!!

Who is SBI for ? 

For the novice or professional ... i'm still using SBI guides and how's to's till this day , and i consider myself professional internet marketer. But the novice get's a proven road to tread, almost handholding until they can walk , and stand. 

SBI can be used for making virtually any website. If you have an idea, interest or passion then you are well placed to make a website. Sites can be built about:

- Your hobbies, passion or profession

- Content on anything

- An adsense website

- Auction or e-bay style

- Selling e-goods

- Selling hard goods or

- drop shipping

- Local business

- Selling a service

- Professional webmaster

- YOU fill in the blank ;)

Other Real SBI Reviews on the internet

Just listing actual SBI reviews here (aka solo build it) ....

These reviews are by real people using SBI and sharing how it has impacted their life ... there's many reviews out there but i picked the ones that shared something personal about their experience rather than describing the product ..

If you find some others please post more like the ones below, with a powerful quote from their review of something cool they achieved with SBI.

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For nearly seven years the website grew on 2-3 hours of work per week .... When school began in the fall, was receiving 2,000 visitors per day and earning good income (tax-free, since I was an Anguilla resident)

From 2009-2012 I studied entrepreneurship at Baruch's Zicklin School Of Business, one of the oldest and best business schools in the U.S.

The funny thing is that SBI! is the most important education I've received

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