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Shoppers Value

by Nancy

Here I was doing my weekly shopping to find the bargains of the year at my usual good luck store, Shaw's. I needed more laundry detergent and went into the aisle.

Way at the end I saw a brand I have never heard of called Shoppers Value. I must admit I was pretty skeptical on buying it at so low a price figuring it isn't going to do a good job, so I read the back and also took note of the easy carrying handle.

It is a concentrated laundry detergent with a bleach alternative. At a price tag of $1.99 and it does twenty nine loads I decided I was going to try it and I haven't been sorry. This laundry detergent works just as well as more expensive brands and has a nice, clean smell to it.

I'm sorry I didn't buy a few more while I was there and just hope the next time I go it's still available. I'm going to recommend this laundry detergent to anyone who asks me what I use.

It suds up quite well so I know it's doing the trick to get my clothes the best I can get for the minimum price. If you can find it at your local market, buy it!

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