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Shark Euro Clothes Iron

The Shark Clothes Iron is one of the best ones on the market thus far. I purchase clothing irons approximiatly every six months because, I love for my clothes to be pressed with starch always. With the Shark Iron, I have noticed the creases in the material of my jeans lasts alot longer, whether its because of the starch or from the heat/steam that it produces.

Which in any case it helps to keep that fresh look after wearing the them for most of the day. With the added element of starching everyday normally with most irons that would leave a buildup on the faceplate. Which I noticed that has not happened yet, and I'm coming up 8 months of everyday ironing.

However, another feature the iron has is the built in cleaning button, when pressed it releases the buildup that's normally located inside the surrounding circles located on the underside of the faceplate, allows the steam to past, and that has not been an issue. The Shark Clothes Iron also comes with attachments: 2 face plates,a much larger faceplate and a smaller faceplate,and water filling cup. The extra face plates are easily attachable thus making the process quicker for the desired effect on the article or the material in which your pressing.

I must admit the durability of The Shark has been outstanding! It has been dropped, whether by accident of bumping into it, getting tangled in the cord or simply because, of it's location. However, somewhere between 5-8 times and has landed on my tiled floor. My tiles have cracked but, the iron is still working, amazing.

- Extra steam button
- Comes with it's own water filling cup

- Shuts off to soon, when not in use
- The steam button becomes tough to push down on after several months

4 out of 5

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