Servis Washing Machine Overview

Servis washing machines are manufactured by Servis Domestic Appliance, an English company built in 1929 in Darlaston, an area in West Midlands.

Servis, whose name was known to have been the result of a staff competition, was able to acquire a patent on electronic controls for washing machines, which resulted to the Servis Quartz, the first machine to be fitted with a microchip. This innovation was supposedly created to help busy housewives save more time doing the household chores way back in the '80s.

Financial difficulties resulted to liquidation of the company and in 1991, the company was bought by Italian Antonio Merloni. The parent company has since then supplied the majority of the Servis product range.

Since the fusion with Antonio Merloni, the company has grown in the UK to ultimately capture 3.5% of the domestic market, but this did not help the company avoid other financial problems.

Aside from washing machines, the company also supplies refrigeration equipment and dishwashers. In 2008, Antonio Merloni announced that it was placing the Servis brand into liquidation.

Servis Washers Key features

Servis washing machines come in a wide range of sizes. The brand is known for its extra heavy load washing machines which can accommodate up to 8.5 kilograms of laundry at a time, with motors that are able to produce 1600 rotations per minute.

Despite this power, the washing machine also comes with a setting for delicates which is gentle enough for less rugged pieces of clothing.

One can also find smaller Servis units that are good enough for 5 kg loads and for smaller laundry spaces. Other key features include a 16-hour delay timer and LED progression lights that indicate the progress of the washing cycle.

Some models also feature lifestyle programs; among them are anti-bacterial, baby and toddler, jeans, and sports wash options, not to mention an easy iron and a duvet program. One can find washing machines that come with programs ranging from three to nineteen.

Most washing machines from Servis come with a 30-cm porthole that allows for convenient loading and unloading of clothes without wrinkling. The porthole is also covered by a transparent lid that allows one to see the clothes being washed from the outside.

Another feature worth noting is the Aquawash system, which adjusts the water level and washing time accordingly to provide the best washing performance. Servis also offers a one-year warranty coupled with a five-year parts warranty. Units can come in silver, black, and white.

Good and bad points

Servis washing machines are relatively inexpensive for the amount of features crammed into every machine. They also come in a wide range of laundry capacities. This means any size of family will find a decent washing machine from any of the lines of washers produced by this company.

Common customer complaints include soap drawer blockages, very expensive parts, and a spin feature that is hard to control. The quality of Servis customer control has also left several customers grumbling.

Common complaints include a severe backlog in customer assistance that will leave customers waiting for months before the repairman gets to them, as well as a hotline that needs to be called a number of times before one is actually entertained by a service representative.

Types of washers available

Servis is popular for its front-loading washing machines made more convenient to operate with its 30-cm circular porthole, which can accommodate large volumes of clothes at a time. Aside from washers, the company also comes with its line of dryers.

Washer series overview

Servis M6755BL Black

This machine comes in classic black along with a host of lifestyle programs to make laundry tasks painless and very easy. One can choose among the various programs such as baby and toddler, jeans, and sports wash, and even a duvet program.

It also features a start action button program that runs for 10 minutes at 40 degrees prior to the start of the wash. Other features include the Stain Action option button as well as the option to reduce spin speed, which minimizes the creases on clothes and leaves a little bit of moisture for easy ironing.

Servis M6856S Silver

This stylish washing machine comes in an 8-kg capacity tub which makes it the perfect option for large families. Notable features include three pre-set programs for three different types of fabrics, an electronically controlled Aqua wash system, and a 38-minute quick wash program for smaller loads and easy-to-remove stains.

Servis M6500W

This washing machine features a spin speed of 1500, although it has a capacity of 5 kg, making it good for small families. Despite the small drum size, it still comes with the 30-cm porthole through which one can easily load and unload large bundles of clothes. The machine also comes with 16 different programs which include pre-wash, energetic wash, Aquawash, and quick wash.

Servis M6702S

This model comes with a 16-hour delay start timer and uses cold water fill only. This means that the machine does the job of heating the water, saving on water heating costs. The Servis M6702S also comes with 19 wash programs, and a time remaining indicator which can help one keep track of the progress of the wash cycle.

Another great feature is the auto half load feature, which automatically adjusts the amount of water depending on the size of the wash.

It also comes with an easy iron program which produces less wrinkled clothes for less burden when ironing. Other cool features include the quick wash option for 30 to 40-minute washes, and the wool wash for woolen clothes.

Servis M6002S

With energy consumption measured at 1.03 KwH, this model is known as one of the most energy efficient models in the market. It comes with 16 different wash programs, among them the quick wash program, delicate wash, wool wash, and intensive wash programs.

The unit also comes with a spin protection system. The Servis M6002S also comes with automatic control, which is a great energy-saving feature. With the spin speed measured at 1200 rpm, this washing machine is among the fastest washing machines out on the market today.

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