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Sears Kenmore Elite HE5T Steam 4.0 cu. ft

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Product Overview

The Kenmore HE5T Steam 4.0 cu washer is a large capacity machine that features many of the advantages of steam cleaning in your washer. The Steam Treat option on the machine will save you time and your clothes when you use it to work on the stains in your clothing.

Specs at a glance

• 4.0/ CU. FT.

• Width: 27 Inches

• Depth: 31-1/2 Inches

• Colors: White

• 1300 RPM Maximum

• Energy Star: Yes

Other features: Wash Delay up to 20 hours/ Prewash/ Extra Rinse/ Stain Treatment/ Energy Saver/ QuietPak™ 9/ Add a Garment/ Controls: Audio-visual/ Weight: 245.0 lbs./

The machine also exceeds the requirements for Energy Star which make this an energy saving machine that will save you money on your utility bills. The machine will save both water and energy for a savings in your bills as well as giving you the option to save even more with Save Energy Plus option on your machine that lowers the temperature of the washer and allows the machine to wash longer. The cleanliness of your wash is not a problem with the many features on this machine.

There are six temperatures and the speed of the spin cycle is 1300 rpm and that will give you a savings on the dryer time by ringing out the wash. The machine is also a front load machine so you should check your space requirements for the door on a front loading machine. This machine has all of the best bells and whistles that are possible on a washing machine.

The machine works by releasing steam into the washer during both the pretreating cycle and the wash cycle. The cycle will last a bit longer
and you can expect a heavy duty cycle to last about two hours to complete when the steamer is used.
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• Energy efficient machine

• Superior stain fighting with hot steam feature

• Advanced Technology

• Longer wash cycles for heavily soiled clothing

• Oxy release dispenser allows for superior stain fighting

• Large capacity machine saves you time on your laundry allowing you to get more in the machine

• The machine is an expensive model of washer than a traditional machine
• Some consumers find tangled clothing problems in some cases

• Cycles run a bit longer than traditional machines, about two hours
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Final Thought

This machine features all of the advanced technology that you could possibly need in your washer. It will cost you a bit more than a traditional washer, but the innovative use of steam and time released Oxy cleaning make it the ultimate stain fighting washer. The machine comes in your choice of white or burgundy which will cost a bit more.

The capacity on the machine is huge and you will find that you have to do less loads with this size machine, saving you time. You should, however, prepare for the longer cycle times for a load on the heavy duty cycle with the steam technology in use, which will run for about two hours.

Make sure that you have the space that is required to house such a large machine. It runs quiet in your home and the Kenmore name is one that will last for a long time. In all the Kenmore HE5t Steam Washer is a great choice for those who require advanced technology to fight stains.
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Comments for Sears Kenmore Elite HE5T Steam 4.0 cu. ft

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Aug 23, 2010
Kenmore not for 2nd floor
by: JudyG

After much discussion with Sears, I was told by one of the techs on the phone that this washer should be placed on a concrete floor, NOT on a second floor even though the house is very solid (I had the Neptune in the same spot for 10 years and it was fine). It was this location that caused it to be so "off" that it tangled and the spin could not achieve the full ability to do the job correctly. It was exacerbated by the fact that it was on a pedestal. When I explained the problems to the manager at Sears (Braintree, MA) AND related that I had took the sales person upfront that it was going on the 2nd floor, he arranged to have it returned and helped me find an alternative.

I decided not to go with the Samsung which was recommended for a 2nd floor location. We bought the Whirlpool Cabrio which is a low water top loader and I am very happy with it. The spin is fantastic, wringing the clothes so dry that they remain plastered to the drum wall even if left overnight. The clothes are well washed and rinsed, and tangling is minimal. I can see easily through the glass top that there is sufficient water to do the job. The was only one odd thing that I finally figured out. When ist starting, a very small amount of water is heard to run into the machine and I was curious why so little; I think it simply confirms that water IS entering the machine in case you turned the faucet off earlier.

Aug 22, 2010
very noisy
by: Anonymous

I like all of the features of this machine. The only thing that I complain about is that it is extremely noisy. I have had the service department check it and they tell me that this is normal due to the heavy spring supension for the drum. They may consider this to be "normal", but I consider it unacceptable.

Jul 27, 2010
back to top loaders
by: Anonymous

I am so disappointed in the machine. It does not use enough water to rinse the clothes. The clothes seem clean but my family is getting rashes from the clothes. I see no water in the wash or rinse cycles. The is saving water in the extream. We had the maintenance man check it and he agrees that ther in minimum water. But he can do notheing because it's computer driven. I'm trashing the machine and getting a top loader - like I used to have.

Apr 16, 2010
by: Anonymous

-Gets Clothes Super Clean
-Uses Little Water

-Pause Doesn’t Always Work

My Kenmore Washer model HE5T always does a really good job cleaning clothing, even on very large loads. I can set the washer to wash a tiny load or a giant one, depending on my needs. In fact, there are many options to choose from during the washing process so I am allowed to be very specific in how I want a particular load washed. I can pre-wash, soak, or assign the load an extra rinse if I want. I like that.

It also uses about a quarter of the water that my old washer used. I really like that! But I can’t exactly gush about my Kenmore. While I really do love the job it does, this washing machine does have its faults. It is a bit noisy. My son’s room shares a wall with the laundry room and we have to be careful not to do the wash when he’s asleep or her will be woken up.

Also I find that the pause button on the machine doesn’t always work. I don’t know if it’s something I am doing wrong or if we got a lemon, but if I need to stop the load during the cycle for any reason (i.e. to throw another garment in), this can be very frustrating.

Several times I just haven’t been able to get the darn thing open until the cycle was complete. So, while I’d love to give my Kenmore a super score just for working so hard, I can’t due to these two factors.

Apr 03, 2009
Washer gets 5 for efficiency/features but 2 for wrinkling
by: Judy

I just bought the model number 47781 and while it has all the features mentioned and appears to produce clean clothes, it also appears to produce more wrinkles, which is not making me happy since my husband's shirts are no-iron. I have done 6 loads since it arrived and the load with shirts and the load with PJ tops and bottoms were totally tangled.

I had a Maytag Neptune and it died after exactly 10 years and one week...that machine also had a better spin since it was the norm to open the door, even after several hours, to find the clothes, even larger towels, STILL plastered to the drum. In this machine, the towels were not, and they were heavier with water even with the highest spin.

Also the claim that it will take 23 towels needs to be understood that the small print lists the size of the towels as only 24x44 which are the smallest bath size. Calculating that my towels are 1/3 larger by square inch, it would figure that I should be able to fit 1/3 less towels or 15 towels...that isn't possible...10 was the most it took unless it is expected that one PACK them in.

So I will be rethinking this purchase as I finish the washing that has piled up in the past 3 weeks. This was too costly a purchase, even with the 20 % off not to be completely satisfied. Also all the models in the store have pedestals, which are extra.
Even the 10 inch non-drawer one makes a difference as bending and reaching down to retrieve items is not at all comfortable...that is another few hundred dollars.

Mar 11, 2009
Delighted hard to find HE detergent
by: DHB

I currently own a Sears Kenmore Elite HE5t with steam. This is a front loading, high efficiency washer, and I LOVE it!

Front-loading machines have a large capacity because there is no agitator. I estimate that my machine has about twice the capacity of my old top-loader. Naturally, this cuts down on the number of loads I have to do each week.

My model, which I bought in the fall of 2007, has a variety of functions and programs. The laundry cycles include Express Wash, which is a nice feature for washing a couple of items in a hurry; Handwash/Wool; Silk/Ultra Delicates; Whitest Whites; Kids Wear; Whitest Whites; Normal/Casual, and Heavy Duty, as well as rinse only and spin/drain cycles. There is also a special program for cleaning the washing machine. Within each of the cycle options, there are further options for choosing water temperature, spin speed, and soil level. There's also a "My Cycle" option if you want to save a customized cycle. It's definitely I high-tech wonder: When it's operating, it lights up (in several colors) and whirrs and displays numbers and symbols. My husband and I joke that it looks like something on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise!

All this sounds complicated, but surprisingly, it's not. Usually I just add the detergent and bleach to the dispenser, select the cycle I want, and press the "start" button.

This machine also has a "steam treat" feature for stain removal. This innovative feature treats stains first with cold water, then gradually applies hotter water and finally steam. This allows removal of protein stains (which come out in cold water) and grease stains (which need hot water) in the same cycle. Clothing can also be steam sanitized if desired.

The only drawback to HE machines is finding the special HE detergent. Only a few stores in my area currently carry it.

In short, I am delighted with this washer and feel that front loaders are definitely the wave of the future.

Jan 12, 2009
The best washer out there
by: Chris Black

This washer is amazing! The steaming cleans out absolutely any stain imaginable, I was at a family party wearing an all white t-shirt and a white jacket and my cousin was drinking one of those grape flavored sodas, tripped and spilled it all over my shirt and jacket.

I was so upset because I knew I was going to have to get rid of the shirt and jacket but then my friends said, hey put it in my washer, it will take that stain right out for you, so I did and he was right, it looked brand new!

And that is when I decided I should get one; I have lost too many good clothes to stains and I hate taking the chances of wearing clothes somewhere where they can get ruined. Another one of my favorite parts about this washer is the sleek design; it is very simple to use, very self-explanatory, a little hi-tech looking but do not let that drive you away.

I went into an appliance store to look at it and I was a little confused by the buttons, but one of the technician people came over and showed me how it worked; it took less then two minutes and it was so easy to understand. I have had it ever since my friend offered to clean my clothes on that accidental “grape soda” day and it has not broke on me yet-- and all of my other washer have either not done the job or have fallen apart (normally when the fan belt snaps off for no apparent reason), but this machine has not only provided me with a great deep wash that essentially lifts any stain right out of my clothes but also stays working even through the heaviest loads.

I am telling you, it is easily the best washer out there, and it tops all the other competitors. I am telling you, if you do not have this washer, you NEED to get it, its ability to clean clothes is simply unbelievable, and if you are not sure about getting it, ask someone who has it if you can try it out, you will not be disappointed!

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