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Say no to plastic

by Zabreena

Plastics don’t degrade easily. They remain in the environment for many years without degrading. Even the production of plastic causes environmental pollution to a large extend, due to the emission of toxic gases. The marine mammal’s often mistaken plastic for their food. They die every year on consuming plastics. Say no to plastic and save the environment.

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Make your own Eco-Friendly Bag
by: Polly McGee

We did a really fun craft where we made bags out of old t-shirts after seeing it on the Martha Stewart show. It was lots of fun and really easy - take the t-shirt and sew the bottom shut - cut the sleeves out to make a cute handle. Then cut the neck band out - the handles become the loops that would have been placed over your shoulders! Use a cute t-shirt that you love! It's great to keep a few in your trunk - especially if you are a fan of Sam's or Costcos.

plastic is our enemy-avoid it
by: Leela Sahai

I very much appreciate the way three of the negative points of plastic are brought out,it,s degradablity,which is obvious the way we see piles of it in the garbage dumps,atleast in my country ,India.The unwanted gases produced in its making, and the poor fish who die eatting it ,mistaking it for food.
The carry bag manufacturing should be completely stopped, and the awareness of its bad effects on environment and consequently on our lives and health should be much more spoken about ,till they reach all human beings.

reuse plastic bags
by: Anonymous

Plastic Bags If you must get plastic bags at the grocery store please reuse the bags as many times as possible and then recycle them. If possible use paper bags or cloth bags.

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